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Rainbow Sparkle

My name is Cain, a person who loves writing and rping. Am also a writer on Furaffinity http://www.furaffinity.net/user/rainbowsparkle91/, come check me out!


With the barrier broken and the Monsters free, Asriel Dreemurr is apprehensive about what he knows is coming. He won't be able to maintain his form for much longer, and is afraid of no longer being himself again.

Then, a mysterious figure offers him a deal. A second chance, an oppurtunity to redeem himself... but the figure chooses where he gets that second chance.

Not wishing to become a Flower again, Asriel takes the chance, and is transported to a whole new world of magic, wonder, sights no Monster has seen, and of course, the magic of harmony and friendship.

And into whose hooves does the figure send him the young Prince to? Why, the hooves of someone else who has been given a second chance, and seeks to redeem herself and make up for the mistakes of the past. None other than the Princess of the NIght, Luna herself.

Come along as the young Boss Monster does his utmost to make good use of this second chance, and along the way, find family in a land far from his own.

Awesome cover by Cyaneworks over on Furaffinity~!

Has a companion story right here, Hopes and Dreams at Canterlot High

EDIT: (Featured 4/21, 7/14)
Thank you thank you thank you aahhhhhh you're all amazing

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Alright I am really enjoying this so far and Asriel and Luna do sound like a great pairing as a family.

this is heartrendingly cute
i need moar

Looking good so far. Would like to see this story continue.


Sidenote: nickers are a sound horses make. Knickers are underpants.

that's helpful, thank you, will get that fixed~

I love this story so far. I also love the concept. If you are able to continue this story, please do. :yay:

You could say this was an Angel's second chance.

As a fellow undertale lover and mlp crossover writer, I will keep an eye on this. Very well done, great to see undertale's fandom isn't completely dead and overwritten by deltarune.

You set the bar pretty high with such an impressive start, keeping the quality this good will be no easy task, but I am confident in your abilities.

Hope there is more to come soon.

More please, great introduction and I'm eager to read more. No rush on the next chapters, take all the time you need, just as long as you get them done in the way you see fit :twilightsmile:

If you need an OC for this story, let me know via PM.

Thank you for making this story it was so good I need more of this in life

Wonderful opening, the flow feels very natural.
I am waiting eagerly for more.


Now usually I don't like undertale, Buuut I thought I'd give it a chance.......


Slowly, Asriel glanced up and saw a figure cloaked in black at the edge of the circle of light. He would have thought it was the shadows playing tricks on him, were it not for the skull and the bone-like hands he could see. There were no lights in sockets that he could see, which when combined with his hunched posture, gave off a rather haunting aura.

Hey Gaster in astral projection meeting Asriel before turning to Flowey

The figure inclined its head towards the shards. “You long to remain as you are. You long for a second chance. You desire a chance to join them above. But you fear those with whom you wish to be with. You fear what they might think if they knew the truth. You fear your darker half could assert itself, and destroy what you hold dear.”

The closest ones Knew the Truth in past timelines vut Flowey FELT NOTHING , DID NOT DESIRED TO TRY AGAIN .

IN AFAF Flowey Changed ...Later ...but that is of the rarest events so rare as gliches , and would become usually true

“Yes. I get to decide where you wind up. It will be… an interesting experiment, to say the least.”

Gaster is a Scientist 90% of the cases exept strange deviant anomalies when Gaster was ... Something Else , and remaining citizen , Even to be Like Flowey and someone else was missing in the Void

What a lovely loop. Feels rather familiar… Cursed if I do, cursed if I don’t. She thought sardonically as she pulled her hooves away. She instead closed her eyes and listened to the soft sound of the wind as it blew through the branches of the tall pine, and over the snowy slopes of Mt. Canterlot.


I think the song Blue Balled in Fnf IS perfect for this chapter , Minor changes here and thereand would be perfect ,Xo I have to rewrite the song to understand how it fits .

(For Flowey is correct ,For Luna is Past and possible future two . There's still corruption element inside , both cases bad so it is why is perfect

At least it is not the Glich or Evil Glich

Is Luna Alive or the fiction supports her existence not to be forgotten and she is Exetified by Sonic.exe as is claimed in Vr chat . 1boom universe got destroyed or original Boom universe

Luna’s mind raced, endless questions forming in her mind. But she knew they had to wait. For now, she needed to act, and act fast!

Magic transfusion

Well um ... My Oc is Technically super Broken in power like Discord but fearing if something like destroyer of Creation thing ir Bill Cifer to handle it so has his ... Ithems and powers in his pocket dimension ,And sealed and restricted his powers to slightly above Twilight Sparkle level , but can make artefacts
On a whim so even that is not much restriction but is out of inspiration .

, But prefers to step aside and let the others to do their trials than douing anything,Desiring to help or clean fix the side mess .

Currently ...no need to desire to visit unless ifi got inspired .

Well both Luna and Azzy are similar in past and desire ,Both may see their past corrupt and their shadow in the corners of the memories and things mentioning them

Azzy has his Yellow flowers

Luna has Halloween/Nifhmare night , and Tantabus to torment her guilt

I wonder if Azzy got Llant manipulation and would Azzy would be afraid to use plant magic because he was pro as Flowey .

Azzy may have fire originally

Azzy may have the powers of the 7souls

Bonus from Luna magic is under question as Sans got bonus for Celestia magic transfusion
Having added fire element

So with Luna may influence Azzy magic

That is all .

You have my undivided attention. Let's see where this goes!

Ponies 'n Goats.

What more do you need in life?

I'm glad to see some good undertale fanfic. It seems all of it nowadays is... Very awful. A fellow spends more time blacklisting AUs and relationship tags than they do actually reading, it feels, so this is a breath of fresh air!

The figure inclined its head towards the shards. “You long to remain as you are. You long for a second chance. You desire a chance to join them above. But you fear those with whom you wish to be with. You fear what they might think if they knew the truth. You fear your darker half could assert itself, and destroy what you hold dear.”

I still do not like how everybody treats Gaster like some kind of god.

The idea of running towards the moon seemed a bit crazy at first thought. But he could feel the DETERMINATION in him urging him towards it. And as its gentle light shone down upon him, he could almost swear he saw a curving path leading up towards it.

I thought determination was a trait, or perhaps a power. Not something that could make decisions and "urge" one to do something.

This whole dream sequence is confusing.

That’d be because of my Determination, wouldn’t it? Or… would it be because…? Asriel thought back to the feeling of all seven SOUL shards rushing into him. He was still himself, as he could plainly feel and see, which meant those shards must have fused with what remained of his own.

Was one of them red?

Well congrats Luna, here's your adorable fluffy distraction!

WOW!! I'm having an absolute blast reading this! I hope there's more on the way soon!

Very good story, can't wait till more comes out

“And he, like you, desired a chance for redemption, a second chance at life. I bring him here, so that he may have that chance. I bring him to you, so that you can help him heal, that he may in turn, bring you what you need in turn. I place him under your care, for I know the affinity you have for children, and I believe that you, and you alone, have the tools and talents to help him.”

Use "brought" instead of "bring."

I'm actually enjoying this story. Asriel deserved more, I believe, in Undertale.

This is so cudorable(cute +adorable)

so cute great chapter

ah, good ol' tooth-rotting fluff
on the one hand, painfully cute
on the other, when's the other shoe gonna drop

Probably Blueblood being himself

Wonderful chapter!

If I may offer a small correction, though, what Asriel is describing with interest, that being the study of the stars and other bodies in space, is actually Astronomy. Astrology is the practice of using the positions of the stars and planets to try to predict the future.

Reading this is so delightful! :twilightsmile:

Beat me to it. I'm six years into my PhD program and that particular confusion STILL grinds my gears more than it should.

much obliged~! will fix!

If you ever need an OC to borrow, let me know via PM.

Also I wonder what will happen when Asriel meets Blueblood

Comtinue 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Update 😆😆😆😆

but will asriel have some new skills or power or will he have the same skills as the game ?????

Update ??????

Please update im so curios of continue this story 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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