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Have you ever have a moment in your life that you didn't expect to happen? Well recently I have. Not only have I been ripped from my home and put into a world of colorful ponies, but I had to be turned into one of my former favorite animals.

A cat.

That can talk.

.........My life sucks so much.

A/N : The main character is from a world where MLP dosen't exist. So everything is unknown to him. Artwork by Enfysneko on Deviantart

Chapters (12)
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1213945 Understatement of the year. I just got 3 favs in like 1 minute. I hope that I can keep this up and juggle life at the same time.:rainbowderp:

Known as Saturday but just to be silly caturday.

but anyway keep it up and take your time i want to see where this goes:D

Talking cats and getting screwed over.... for some reason my first thought is 'Nyan Koi!' :pinkiecrazy:
I like your idea though, and that picture is adorable.

1213954 My little ponies and a human who turns into a cat that could end like Scootaloo's pet. how could this not be popular? :scootangel:

1214044I like that picture

to author
This has a good PLOT I can't wait to see where it goes.

1214138 Thanks It seemed it fit the story. :twilightsheepish:

And it remind me of my old cat Blackie that sly bastard. :rainbowwild:

1214175Yes yes it does

See it's funny how you all have cat problems, but my cat loved me and never did anything wrong and even brought me presents like dead animals which I cooked for him

1214285 Oh don't get me wrong Blackie and my other cat Mille were fantastic. Many a time I would lay no the sofa with him on my belly both of us having a great time, and when I went to sleep at night it was to the sound of puring. :raritywink:

The only problem I had with them or rather him was that sometimes he would go balistic when i petted him if i reached his belly that he himself presendet for my to pet. :twilightangry2:

If you dog gets carried away and bites you, it will generaly be very sorry. A Cat however will generaly say:
"So what if i bit and scratched your hand and cost you a pint of blood? Can you see that pink thing? Its my ass I'm leaving now, later feder and feces scooper." Leaving you sitting back with a bloody hand and a feeling of being a battered housewife.

I would however not have missed their company for the world :pinkiehappy:

I'm quite sad that I can't have a cat now due to my landlord. :fluttercry:

I agree, cooking the dead animals is the be... wait what?

1214475That never happened to me which is awesome there was only one cat that did that and that was because my friend picked it up and threw it at me. Then gomer feasted upon it's throat.

1215114I agree dead animals are fun I cooked gomer once he was dead and ate him felt sad at first but it's what a mother cat does to a cub that dies. I also ate engine ripped cat once it had motor burn though and tasted nasty

1214475 Speaking of pets, I based Milo off of my cat Tobi. The only difference is he isn't a tabby and hates my room.:moustache:

I am going to leave this at our opinions differ ;D

1217588HEY you brought up cooking dead animals sir you can't blame for worshiping the ways of cats in the wild. Hmm tasty chicken oh it's human doesn't matter it's good that's all I need to know

"HEY you brought up cooking dead animals sir"
I beg to differ
"even brought me presents like dead animals which I cooked for him"


1219782Well would you serve your cat cooked food I did and he was nice to me so no I cooked him food which he killed basically it was a hunter and cooker group so ha

1219986 That is dedication and no, meat drives me mad (i is vegetarian). though that must be one happy cat. my two are pretty happy, and both 10-ish (they where rescued ferals, not my black heart) so the don't try to kill much.

1220034Ahh makes sense but their nice because saved animals are always nice, but I understand the meat thing I'm trying to be a vegetarian, but it is hard for me to always stick to me. I want a pet chinchilla well 402 exactly

Can you two please move this debate to a private chat? As interesting cooking dead animals is, I kinda want to hear what the other peps have to say.

1220165 the alert came up as i was PMing him, so i am way ahead of you. Sorry btw.
EDIT: I can remove them if you want.

He died don't you remember then I honored nature's way.

1220171 don't be sad, do what makes your friends happy and cook for your feline companion to your hearts content:raritywink:

1220177 It's ok bro.:yay:

I got a notification for an edit btw when is the next chapter going to come out

It's all good but I still want a cat to cook for also do you know what I mean by honored nature

1220224 yes. And I respect that.:eeyup::moustache:

Thank you sir most people are usually repulsed by such things but you aren't you have earned my respect and that is not given freely

Definitely has potential. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out,

As a fellow Cat in Equestria (Or CiE if you will) author, I'm quite excited about this. Gonna read in a little bit.

Hmm, a few grammar issues and the pacing could be better, but an interesting start.
I'll favor this and continue reading :twilightsmile:

So is there a talking animal conspiracy, or was Angel possibly once human too? I think I would prefer the latter, and it turns out that Equestria is just the most hardcore witness protection program ever conceived.

1387500 If I told you that would spoil the story for the others. :trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:

But you will find out in time my friend.

No sweat a work of art takes time. :twilightsmile:

looking forward to the next chapters. :rainbowkiss:

1388910 That's what I said four days ago when I finaly had time to work on this!:yay:

I dont even want to think about work

Oh... oh. You are taking this story to a whole new level of greatness. Keep it up. :twilightsmile:

Yes! New chapter! I'm really liking this story so far! Keep up the great work! :rainbowkiss:

i kinda thought it would've been better to keep it a secret, like if Sweetie Belle and Applebloom knew then there may be a chance of them finding out Scootaloo's predicament, unless that's where you intend the story to go... Just an opinion, and here's a stache for a nice chapter :moustache:

1433414 don't worry about that.

Felix made a pinkie promise without forseing the consequences of breaking it.:scootangel:

There is no possible way this information will escape his lips. :pinkiecrazy:or else.

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