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After being tricked into using a forbidden spell to enter the void, Damon Lipton is turned into a Lich and thrown into Equestria by the God of Mischief. Dorian the Deranged. The God mistaking Damon for a follower of his.

Now stuck in Equestria, Damon finds himself thrown into a series of bizarre and epic adventures that will change his life, and those around him, for the better. And quite possibly for the worse.

Cover art is done by me.

Thanks to DVAN56, Berry Punch, Rainbowbob and Bocaj518

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Here ya go the famous story with berry punch...That picture is so weird....

Insane looking Luna going Gotchya. :pinkiecrazy:

That was an awesome story. Truly marvelous.

I lol'd hard at that last bit... Telling someone not to scream never seems to work... Ever :pinkiesad2:


I fucking love you, you know that?

berry punch ill be in this? its been far too long since I read any fic with her in it :D this looks to be hilarious :3

Yeah, if I saw something that looks like this and said something that could possibly be insulting, my first reaction wouldn't be 'I'm going to fuck your little skull into Bolivia you son of a bitch'. Luna needs some of my lessons, they turn you into a doormat! So fuck you Iron Will. Am I ranting?

Damon slowly turned his head and came face to face with Luna, her eyes wide and pupils shrunken, a slight twitch in her eye as she grinned manically at him.
“Hello...” she whispered.


Hmmm......the most I could say is....meh.

The idea of a Lich in Equestria, and a friendly one at that, is something I always wanted to see.

But this story needs a lot of work, in my opinion.
Your sentence structure is awkward, and you use commas a wee bit too much.

The storyline is fine, but it feels like each chapter could be fleshed out a bit more. As is, it feels like the reader is only getting the bare bones (pun not intended, but welcome regardless) of the story; it needs to be more descriptive.

Also, technically a lich shouldn't run out of breath, due to a lack of lungs.
Aside from all that, some basic problems an editor can fix are prevalent.

Still, favorited.

I see a Skeleton having fun with Berry Punch.

the ruble and made a dash

Rubles! Rubles for everyone!

Dorina spun round on the spot

That was a speedy sex change.

leave tit for nature

Quite vulgar, don't you think?:unsuresweetie:

I'm enjoying the story so far, you're doing well.

Um... any particular reason why you tell us everything that happens in the first two chapters... right in the synopsis? A synopsis is supposed to tease, a brief snapshot into the world, not bluntly explain the entire plot. In all honesty, it should only be one or two paragraphs.

Might wanna change that. :ajsmug:

Kalanar sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose before walking round behind Damon and dropping the tom just in front of him with a loud bang.

1. Who is this Tom of which you speak?
2. Why sin't his name capitalized?
3. Why is he being dropped?


Oi, whuzzat red number on the top of my comment?
A dislike?!?

And they didn't even grace me with an answer.

How rude.

3053138 Ah, you'll always get people like that, don't let it faze yah :pinkiesmile:

Poor boy... he needs to get his sh*t together.

I'm sold!

Right, so either this fic is so good it causing the Earth to quake in glee, or some cosmic power doesn't want me reading it, either way, I'm not getting to sleep and easier tonight. Fucking Earthquakes wrecking my day



3052184Oh then allow me to dive right in to this story then good sir :moustache:

Cool story, hopefully no more earthquakes in between now and the stories end.

This sounds like you mixed Foal Necromancer with Machinations of a Trickster and changed things here and there, primarily with the god being Dorian instead of Loki.

3053766 to be honest I have been jumping between ponies for "best" pony :P I can't seem to choose between Lyra, colgate, berry punch, octavia, vinyl, Roseluck, amethyst "sparkler" star, derpy, and a sortment of other lovable characters the fandom has made meh ~w~

3053813 ha! That be good material lad, now I got to go help someone tug around eight hundred pounds of gnome? I dunno what that means but wtf.

Damn fine fiction, mate. Looking forward to future chapters!

Well just look at it, a whole new story to read.
Now lets read it shall we.
And i just adore that picture you used.

And what a story it was (is), although i do have to wait now.
-sigh- oh well, nothing that i can do about it.
Nothing that would work, i mean yeah sure i can typ: update faggot, over and over but that wouldn't do a lot.
Ah anyway, its a lovely story, happy writings and have a good night.

Damon braced himself for a scream but only heard a slight squeal escaped her lips before her eyes rolled upwards and she fell to the ground unconscious. He looked at the body of her for a moment, tilting his head as he processed what had just happened.

XD best part. XD hahahaha

Loving this so far. I hope the next chapter isn't far behind! :pinkiehappy:


... You stealing Old Man Henderson's retirement plan? You're screwed.:twilightoops:

The most important qusetion of all:

Where is Berry Punch!? She's clearly one of the main characters in this story, or a very important side character yet this is the third chapter and still no sign of her. I mean, for Christ sake, she's on the flippin' front cover. I am started to feel lied to...

good story though!

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