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[NOW RETIRED FROM WRITING] I'm a Scotsman who liked to write stories, not all of which were of the self-insert variety.


After getting filthy looks all morning, I asked my friends what everypony's problem was — and they told me that a rumour was circulating about me, claiming I was bedding every stallion I could get my hooves on.

Incensed by this, I protested my innocence and demanded to know where my friends heard the rumour. They were quick to tell me — and then they came along for the ride as I attempted to discover the source of the slander, going from pony to pony as I followed the trail of lies back to the source.

A source which, as it turned out, was not what I expected...

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Written in first person from a pony's point of view. Cover art is 50% unrelated to the story (the Foal Free Press doesn't play a part in it, but Rarity's facial expression does).

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Comments ( 20 )

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Wow. Much funny. Such good words. You get like.

Short, simple and funny. Everything I have come to expect of you, Geo. :twilightsmile:

That was really cute. Good job!

Spread like Wild Fire, good one Geo. :rainbowlaugh:

To be honest, I was expecting some really stupid ending when you included the human (which I figured was a self-insert— whether it was or not, I don't really care). But that turned out to actually be really cute! I always appreciate a good pun! (spoiler marker JUST in case it gives it away, even though others have clearly already used the wording in other comments)

That was hilarious. Good job on a fun story.:duck:

And that makes me glad we aren't named after objects and the like.

this was hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

Nice. Very nice.

:rainbowkiss: Can't... Contain.... Lau-

Deal with it!

Oh this was amazing :rainbowlaugh:

There seem to be a part early on where a word is missing.

As I strolled through the of Ponyville, I felt like I was on top of the world.


Fixed. Thanks for noticing.

This reminds me of an Octavia and Vinyl Scratch comic I read awhile back where Vinyl was supposed to be shopping but grabbed the guest list instead of the food list by mistake.

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