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You know, there are nights in which you will get eight full hours of restful sleep, and there are nights in which you will be awoken by a sentient beige earth pony planting roses in your front lawn.
What kind of night do you think this story is about?

Sequel to Those Moments.

Credit for the cover goes to Cocolli.

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Please, sir.

May I have another?

Alright, that was a little strange, but interesting. And I particularly like the narrative style.

I loved it. That didn't go like I thought it would, but I enjoyed it regardless. I'll root for Colgate in this universe.

Haven't read the story honestly, but to be honest, I'd be okay with waking up to a pony planting roses in my garden without my permission. Now if only I had a garden... :rainbowwild:

CAN I GET ANOTHER HELPING?! (whoops, damn caps lock). Please? This is just starting to get good.

I second that. Nothing to add.

I loved this. I don't read a whole lot [and I know I really should have been while I wrote stuff], but you used the short description in such a way to draw in. . .anyone, really. I adore Roseluck, and Colgate as well, and their interactions were so incredibly cute, and I just loved it. And man, is it well-written! It also warranted an audio reading from me, but I'll just keep it to myself because I hate my voice x3 It was that good~

Thank you for making my life a little bit better :heart:

Heya, glad you liked it! It's always nice to hear someone enjoyed reading a story as much as I enjoyed writing it. As for the description ... well, it's actually just a slightly altered version of the description of Those Moments, which, in turn, I came up with being drunk and overtired at 4 in the morning.
Anyway, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! ^_^

Not gonna make any promises I can't keep here, but for what it's worth, I never meant to write a sequel to Those Moments either, but, well here we are, right?

8063854 Unintentional sequels are the best in my opinion.

I'm as confused as the protagonist is at this point. You can't leave this off here, there are literally hundreds of questions my mind is reeling from. Is he the only human who can see the ponies? Do they have an ability to reveal themselves to who they choose? Can they leave his vicinity, or do they only exist in his mind/lawn/house/one mile radius?

My brain hurts, but, two thing are set is stone at least. Pony insults are beyond rubbish, and ponies are adorable, my knowledge ends there...

Well, seeing how you (and probably a few other readers) are confused, this story has fulfilled its main and only purpose! :D

Joke aside though, both this story and Those Moments (just like most other stories I've written) were never meant to be much more than silly, random one-shots with literally no context or reason whatsoever. I suppose I might come up with some form of explanation in a potential second sequel, but I wouldn't bet on it, simply because it's so much more fun and easier to write silly, context-less stuff like this instead of having to think of interesting characters, a solid plot, understandable reasoning, etc, etc.

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