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I wasn't supposed to be where I was now. Or at least that's what the light in my dream said to me. I was supposed to be a "creator of worlds" it said. I was to create fate or something like that, and manage the lives of millions. But what can I do in a world that doesn't need saving? What can I build with the tool gun to change my fate? But more importantly, why was I chosen to wield such power over said gun?

(Thank you myhe01 for cover art!)

(Special thanks to my EPIC Editor ultra1437)

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Well this an entertaining concept,please post a continuation somewhere in the future.

And now I'm waiting for Blake to produce a bathtub car/bike.

Um first of all
Are you planning on putting the pyhsis gun in his dream again cause that's what garrys mod is about . The tool gun and physis gun so please add. Also your writing is good so keep going.

Dr_D #3 · Jun 6th, 2013 · · 1 · Chapter 2 ·

Psst... hey... hey you... you with the intresting story...
You should continue this.

I have a plan to get the phys gun in a later chapter. Maybe chapter 4. But right now I'm concentrating on getting him out of jail in a realistic way.

Will there be inflated heads and explosions? A la Kitty0706?

ugh no -.-

I don't do ragdolls.

Bathtub car has to be done.

yea I was going to focus on wire constructs. :applejackunsure:

But sure I'll see if there's anything I can do with it.


It's been Cancelled. But at some point in the future I'll take a look at it and maybe I'll continue it.

How about they let him out because he literally hasn't done anything? Seriously, there's no reason to keep him there. Unless the sculpture garden was off limits or something, in which case he was trespassing. But I don't think you can get more than twenty four hours for that.

How does Celestia know of computers? The most they have is the gigantic tape-recorder machines found in Twilight's basement, thus she wouldn't recognize the computer parts glued and duct-taped to the gun.

Also, just an FYI, you need to work on chapter 1. And fix some grammatical errors on this.

I would've said, "You don't know how to operate it, I do! Plus, this item is not a tool of chaos if used correctly, it is a tool of creation! so if you want to learn how the item works, give it to me."

Awesome story moar now

Ah, a GMawd crossover. Excuse me while I scan the chapter for that reference.

I don't think there was a point where they told him the device was a chaos device. Just that he couldn't have it. So I didn't add those things.

Well the fact that Twilight has those machines in her basement in the first place made me believe Equestria has SOME form of computers. Although they obviously aren't used often :/

You got All my attention... *Daydreams of dancing cows and billy goats dancing and playing fiddle* MMHHHMMHH oh, sorry, on to read....:facehoof:


I know but this what I would said if I were in the story lol

Still you wouldn't have been aware of their opinions because they didn't tell you. See? ;P

Needs ACF mod and or WAC

This is pretty good, BCWG. I LOVE Steam-related stuff, and... I think this is going to make FiMFiction a lot more fun to be on. GOOD LUCK, SIR! TALLY-HO!

This looks so interesting, like extremely interesting.


Light: Bossing people around since the dawn of time.

Also, tracking this.

As a Garry's Mod artist, I'm going to have to read this when I have the time.

I got the one year achievement about a month before The Update came out. I swore I'd never touch it again until it was fixed or improved, and it still hasn't been, almost two years later. Dammit Newman!

MOAR! and include pikmin mod at some point, please:derpytongue2:

...well, Garry's mod is one of the last thing i ever expected to get a crossover.

Question: How often are you going to be updating this?:rainbowhuh: Because I'm really liking it.:rainbowwild:

No idea. Maybe often. Maybe not. But I am working on chapter 3 right now sooooooooooo yea the first few chapters WILL be updated pretty often.

I kinda jumped into this project without much thought so I might stop for a little while after chapter 7 or so and think about what to do next...then fool around...then get back on track.

Well you know...if it exists...there's a My Little Pony Crossover of it. :duck:

Garry's Bombs 3

You know you want to. :pinkiecrazy:


What's unfortunate is that I think I do. :fluttershysad:

2686506 Resistance is futile!

A crossover between My Little Pony and Garry's Mod? That is genius!

While the chapter may not have been very eventful it was at least interesting, the conversation with the voice was pretty intriguing to me.

I really hope this doesn't come off as rude since I don't mean it to be but are you a native English speaker? Some of your sentences were a bit rough. I'd recommend giving your chapters a couple of extra reads once you finish writing in order to spot typos and rework your sentences. Also, pay attention to how your structuring your sentences, a lot of them started with 'I'. Mix it up a bit more, it'll make your work more interesting to read.

I noticed you were giving this thing a rewrite anyways so you may not even need this advice.

Continue this. I order you.

Never seen this before just have one thing to say

what about that combine advisor story? I looked forward to that one :fluttershysad:

Saw this: Fanboy squealed.
Read this: Warning, death is nigh. Not literally, but you know what I mean.

Also, will he be able to 'change his model' in the story? :derpyderp2:

2686506 FYI- You're now in the popular box. Or whatever it's called. i39.tinypic.com/6pmbmb.png

Stealing my fic idea.


Gmod? GMOD???? GMOD!!!!

My god its s epidemic he is AWESOME!!!!!!
Also where is my cookie?

TDM AND SCARS TDM AND SCARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Slender mod :O

john freeman walked towards combines and´╗┐ make fists with hands

2686241 How to be like Garry Newman in three easy steps: step 1. create an awesome sandbox game. step 2. allow a huge, active community to build around said game. step 3. completely crush everyone's dreams with an unnecessary 'update' that drives away all the loyal players who have cherished the game for years. Garry y u do dis :raritydespair:

edit: the story is good so far, gonna go read the next chapter.

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