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Equis has a new Death, a new reaper of souls... Only problem is that this one still has obligations in the world of the living.
How will Aergad deal with his new task and old promises? Will Pipsqueak really learn magic under his guidance and how will the paladin fare on her mission in the ruins of Blackshadow Reach? Most importantly, what will become of the planned marriage?

This is the sequel to Souls Apart. You may want to read it if you want to know what's going on.

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So Aergad's still going to marry griffin and pony royalty even thought he's dead... This should be fun to watch as the griffins (and ponies if it's not common knowledge yet) freak out when they eventually discover that he's dead and Death. The summoning thing is interesting too, I can imagine that it's going to cause some problems in the future.

So the Paladin is now actually raising the dead? That is one hell of an alignment shit for her.

The sequel is promising.
Favorite it.

Fuck yes.


Also, Princess Luna is best pony.


alignment shit

This made me laugh far more than I would have liked

I haven't eaten since she pulled us out the ground!"

...the paladin is raising zombies now? what, does she worship Aergad now? actually, that would be pretty amusing...


A fat, overbearing mother type that probably snores, or a painfully skinny annoying pipsqueak with a megaphone.

Decisions, decisions...

3297643>>3297615 I'll explain that part in the next chapter ^^

That depends. In this world it would appear that raising the dead isn't an inherently evil act since the animated beings seem to have the same freedoms and intelligence that they did when they were alive. It's more like a very limited sort of resurrection. It's definitely tied to an allegiance shift, but not necessarily as much of an alignment shift as it would be in a more traditional setting.

Well, now that Aergad is Death, that means that he no longer holds the title of "The Necromancer". Someone has to take up the position, and until Pip is trained, someone should "keep the seat warm", as the saying goes. Also, she is commanding the takeover of the area. You need troops to do that. Aergad is too busy to raise them, and who else would be trusted with that sort of information then Aergad's highest ranking military director and close "friend"?

Oh boy... you really have outdone yourself... all is forgiven for killing Aegrad... and making him the Grim Reaper. Well, since he's a skeleton, I had to do this...

here, let me just fav and like before I read it


... I'm not even going to question it anymore. Yeah, this is a thing now.

I liked and favorited before even reading this chapter!

The transition was flawless, Gnoll :pinkiehappy: Never stop writing. Ever. Pinkie promise right now! :flutterrage:

The griffin he has to marry better not be Gilda.

I loved this so much I faved and thumbed it up before even reading.

I have read the entirety of this series in one sitting. Let me just say, several points had small amounts of moisture collecting on the edges of my eyes from laughter. I am SO looking forward to this continuation.

I shed tears of pure joy seeing this being posted.




My bet is that Aergad was the one to "raise" the undead and then just told the Paladin "Yeah, I just reanimated some corpses for you. They are just waiting for you in this and that place. On a totally unrelated matter, how good are you with a shovel?"

Fuck this is good.
I'm a new one on this ride but i intend to roll it towards the sunset for ever and ever.

Four days without a update? BLASPHEMY I TELL YOU!

Again, you followed through, Gnollreader... now I want to see Aegrad make skeleton jokes!

Dusk Breaker pulled out a chess board from behind his chair, "Unless you can beat me in a game!"

Seventh Seal reference. I love you. :pinkiehappy:

Death continued to stare at him, but then stepped up to the table with silent steps. "A game of chess, then?" he scratched his chin, the process emitting a strange noise as bone scratched over bone, "Well if the rules say so... Let me just..." his hand suddenly shot out and poked Dusk Breaker on his brow, "ZOINK!"
For a single second, Dusk Breaker simply stared at the finger on his forehead with surprise... and then fell over to his side as his last breath escaped him.

i totally knew that would happen:rainbowlaugh:

I am very immpressed with what I have read so far please keep writing.

the pale queen is an awesome title! kind of makes you think of "The Pale Horse" when you think of death in the same thought as calindria:pinkiehappy:
also laughed so hard at the simple "ZOINK!" xD I thought I was the only one to still do that!!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

If she's a queen but a general, what is Aegard? 'The Dead King'? XD

"This... this is going to be one of those moments when words can't explain the shit I just got myself into, isn't it?"
Still hanging from his hand, Opalescence did not respond.

…Well, you're boned.

3361635 Did you just make a skeleton pun?

It was an opportunity too good to miss.

Glad I could tickle your funny bone.

Well, you're-...


What I wouldn't give tibia comedian like you guys...

Sadly, it seems that I've stripped all the good jokes down to the bone.

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