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Just a guy with an account. Don't get too excited, yet. : )


Updates?! · 5:50am Dec 10th, 2012

HORY SHET!!!!!! THEY UPDATED THE SITE!!!!!! Also, first blog post.....blah blah blah.........back to the topic, THE SITE LOOKS COMPLETELY AWESOME!!!!!!!! Who agrees?

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Thank you for the favorite over Humans Assemble. Awesomeness comes few and far between, but when it does I hope to deliver.

328939 Aww...no plagiarism....damn, I was looking forward to being able to use my tankapult, Oh well, I suppose it'll have to wait for another day.

http://www.fimfiction.net/user/N7EliteBrony Here's link to his page.... his fic has same name as yours and a similar plot in terms of how the human character got to Equestria.... but to be honest he knew nothing of your fics existence, so there is no intentional plagerism in this situation

328663 Is cool man. I don't mind getting mistaken for someone else. But, tell me of this person whose story matches mine so closely, and then tell me where to find them so I may launch them from the tankapult,

Uuuhhh.... this is gonna sound wierd but i think i just mistaken your profile for my friend's profile:twilightoops: Yeah I thought you were someone else cuz the person i was looking for has a fic with the same name and plot as yours.... I'm not really sure who's came first but either way i got the wrong person:twilightblush:

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