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What? You expect a trick? Go talk to another Zman, I'm busy.


While a blizzard rages outside his home. Eighteen year old Zachary Yorkson, sitting in his home, suffers from an act of vandalism, as something breaks through his bedroom window. When he looks for what broke it, he finds a eye carved out of solid ice on the floor. Then everything hits the fan what with Wendigoes, Frozen wastelands, and Ice powers.

You can probably guess what happens from there.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 53 )

2414761 glorious comment my good sir.

"To th'moon with ye, laddie!" *PUNT*

I cannot imagine him saying it any other way XD

2417775 He's nebraskan, he has no accent.

2417783 I know, but wouldn't YOU say it like that for laughs?

iv never read a story with a part wendigos part human

2417878 good to know that this is a first for someone.

Does the reason why you picked the classical-dubstep song have anything to do with the fact that the artist is in a Winter Wonderland as she plays it?

2486762 :eeyup:possibly.....

:trollestia:okay yes, entirely. In my defence it's still a good song though

The cyan... It burns!

2570567 Oh come now it can't be that baaaaAAAAAAH YOUR RIGHT!! MY EYES!!


Okay, the cyan has been fixed.

Finally someone else gets it! Call the fishermen.

2570884 I normally have a witty response to comments like this but this time I'm drawing a blank.

WHAT HAPPENED TO PIERRE?!?! :rainbowhuh:
He seemed like such a cool guy... :raritydespair:

Other than that, fantastic chapter! :pinkiehappy:
One mustache awarded for using "morning" as an actual language. :moustache:

2574190 Sorry Foopie, but Pierre is on a different train.:twilightsheepish:

Is this gonna continue?

2865651 yes it's going to continue. Like... right now.

Well technically it continued at MIDNIGHT yesterday so.... yeah.:pinkiehappy:

I'm happy that this isn't dead. The Inheritors universe had such potential, but it just... stopped. :pinkiesad2:

Glad one of you are pushing ahead, at least.


Kinda what Zman said... I've been having some rather crazy shit happening in RL, and I've been kinda focusing more on my other story Soul Reaver. Rest assured, I do plan on working on Child of The Grave, it just may take awhile.:twilightsmile:

3098066 It's not that were dead... just that it's actually pretty hard to come up with Ideas and write them out when fighting schooling (Or for me college) and still get good grades. That and having lives outside of the internet.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE! I had a MASSIVE bout of inspiration for where this story is going! I plan on getting more updates out in time, for this and my other stories. Please be patient while I do so and continue to enjoy the stories on this site, even if they ain't mine.:pinkiehappy:


Oh, that makes sense and sounds like good news. Thanks for telling me. (And RL is always more important and bla bla bla we've all heard it, even if it's true.)

The thing is since all the stories in the group slowed down simultaneously and it was around the same time as that promising Nightmare Moon story got canceled...

Well, to be blunt, I thought some internal drama had torn the group apart and didn't feel like checking something like that in the groups forum. Glad to hear it was something more benign.

Good luck with writing (and otherwise) to both of you.

3098116 Drama? HA! The four of us have been working together on multiple stories and plan on doing something GRANDIOSELY BIG with one of them.

It's going to take more than silly old drama to take that down.


Heh, glad to see you understand.:twilightsmile:

Like I said, things have just been hectic on all of our ends, and I run a group myself, The Soul Reaver to be exact, which is probably my biggest project ever conceived.

It was about eight to ten the mourning

Mourning? Who died?
It should probably be

It was about eight to ten in the morning

Keep up the good work with the chapters!! I REALLY like the concept and the construct of this crossover story and the character! :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :eeyup:

3414428 Dankashe! I'm not the original story though, so go check out my friend's story, Nocturne of Shadows, too. It's the original to the set that's formed.

3414440 that's why I said "crossover" instead of making the story's world itself :pinkiesmile:

3414440 I still think that the idea of your character is awesome and PRETTY DAMN original to say the least

3414513 Trust me, the further down the rabbit hole we go, the more stuff you'll see that's made up by me. We just need to go a LOT farther than we are right now. And thanks for the complement. I thought taking the Wendigoes as the villain was a pretty good idea, so I did. I'm glad to see it's paying off.

There's a nip in the air... Cold's not good for my crops, never is.

Please for the love of Talos make AJ say this....

3455066 Her nip saying is now in referenced in there. Talos is.... satisfied.

3849094 Freaking Tuesday. It's always a great target

Looks at comments to see what others thought of chapter.


:rainbowlaugh: LOL, not quite what i was expecting but still i got a laugh out of it.

3944759 You just reenacted my reaction to that. To the dot.

Its what I'm here to do.


4450352 I actually plan on doing that soon.

I LOVE WENDIGOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4917349 To the native Americans WENDIGOS are spirits that will take over your body and change it if you are a cannibal, so do you still love them?

2574190 morning translation chart:
Ugh..= good morning
Ugh..= hi
Ugh..= yes
ugh..= no
UGH!= go away and let me go back to sleep!


you obviously don't know what "soon" means.

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