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Walking with the paws of an ancient predator, a young man finds himself in a strange world. A world where horses are the dominant species, and he’s a very rare and dangerous animal. How will a speechless man turned wolf deal with society? How will he approach ponies? Would he even want to bother speaking to them?

(Love interest is not revealed in any of the current chapters. So don't freak out when you don't see it. I'm also focusing on a very realistic sense of love. This will be a later part of the story when romance becomes truly relevant. Point out ALL errors to me when you see them, even the ones that have been pointed out already, and I'll see what I can do.)

(Special thanks to my EPIC Proof-reader and Editor ultra1437)

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 1098 )

Surprisingly good. I've seen this done before, but never actually done particularly well


I'll be watching. :twilightsmile:

This is off to an excellent start. Consider this story liked and followed.

I will admit that I am intrigued.

Looking forward to the shenanigans coming up when the ponies encounter him.



This fic is genius.

eh don't use FUCK out of the blue - it doesn't really belong. that said, i'd like to see where this is going:unsuresweetie:

Seen this done before, but I will fav and like to see where this goes.

Wolves are awesome :rainbowkiss:
excellent start, liked and followed

I love these types of stories
Hie but as an animal, not a pony :twilightsmile:
I don't know how to put up photos :twilightsheepish:

The story description sets off my handheld fanfiction-crap-detector almost immediately (HiE, and he's also a wolf? 2EDGY :ajbemused:), but after giving it a read, the grammar and writing hold up surprisingly well. I will be watching with my special eyes.

Also before I forget:

Since I'm Indian and Wolf is my clan but my clan name is maingoshk I really enjoy this story!

This is done better than the last fic read like this. Do go on! :pinkiehappy:

“What’s an Alicorn?”

I do apologize for that: I had to do it. The opportunity was just so, there.

That aside, I feel that I will be watching this. It has a certain quality about it I find appealing.

Nice story so far I will be tracking.

It's good. Really good, but the fact that most of your stories are either canceled or on hiatus have me a bit nervous about this one. :applejackunsure:

2214903 I think... we thought of the same fic.

;question code
ask$=input$("BBcode as in Blitz basic Code")
if ask$="yes"
print "Fun, I am currently coding a pony text based RPG."
print ""
input"" ;dummy variable
if ask$="no"
print "then what?"
print ""
goto no
Print "Please type what it is then."
input ""

I've been looking for a good HiE fic ALL NIGHT. And I found one! Your twist on it is golden, it focuses a bit more on survival. Must HiE in Equestria stories go something like this:

I is in Equestria noa. I have pony friends. O no! Changlings! I beat bugs! End of story!

But yours, it focus more on survival than 'making friends'. And even though it might come to that, it makes a huge difference that you added a sort of speech difference, so that way the ponies would think of the character more as animal and less as another sentient being.

You must continue! You have too good a start to leave us hanging!


Vegeeeeta. Vegeeeeeeta.
...I'm haunting you.

And this story... I can't even put into words how much this story rocks. You're awesome, and I'm tracking this and you.

Very nicely written. I'm looking forward to more.

I noticed the 'Romance' tag up there. Will Hushed Shadow be shacking up with Winona or Fluttershy? Or a Diamond bitch? Bitchfriend = girlfriend for dogs.

I've been putting together a story in my head about a 'Slice-of-Life' human-turned-wolf in Equestria story. Fluttershy can understand him, but he tries to learn to pronounce things like in a talking dog video. Fluttershy dates him and it creeps everyone out, but they're okay with it. He and Angel Bunny start up a Catnip smuggling operation and Opal ends up spending all of the Shiny Things in Carousal Boutique to feed her habit...

I'll never end up writing it because of my 'Writer's Tunnel,' so I might end up reading vicariously through this story.

You write very well, and this first chapter looks great to me.
Though it always chafes me when the human-turned-whatever doesn't give there real name. I know Hush has got a reason for it, but it always seems like a dangerous way to distance yourself from who you are.:moustache:

Will be looking forward to more!:pinkiehappy:

Ditto. In that fic, wasn't the wolf's name Fenrir?

2216879 I think so, some double-mind insanity giant mess plot-line about tartarus that almost made sense, if that makes any sense. No idea on the name

Really good, please update soon!

LOL my editor will love that. Thanks for the support too :D

Well ok then. If you want me to, I can add it. I'll simply use a flashback later on. I'll make it short but interesting.

Oh and don't worry about asking things from me. I may think about ideas people put out there but if it doesn't fit with the events I have in mind then it's not going to happen. :twilightsmile:


Oh man I'm going to talk about that in authors notes in chapter 2 XD

It'll come up later actually. That was more for comic relief or something. Just trying to entertain people while they read the silent character's actions.

I've read paragraphs and paragraphs of boring before. It's boring....so I added turtles and licking the FUCK out of them for fun.

*wow guys there's no reason to thumb down that. It's a point that would make perfect sense given certain cercomstances.*

You have engaged my interests. Let us see where this enthralling tale takes us!

I plan on continuing :twilightsmile:

Though classes start in a few hours so I don't have much time to really work on chapters other than getting a few lines in. Expect me to work on this for the whole story! I'm not going to let my first featured story down you know?

i now need to find more stories with Wolves in. thanks

Tell smogg and blitz when you can :P

This story is worthy of the Internet

Seriously, the awesomeness of this shit is comparable to the archer artillery

Just a few professional suggestions.
1. Stick to lighter shaded colors.
I personally use the dark texture for stories, and a dark background mixed with dark green words is hard as fuck to read, try using orange.
You can see it clearly on both dark and light pallet's alike.
2. AC3 is a terrible game and you should feel bad, also, AC3 doesn't necessarily reward you for exploring. Kudos on Bethesda games though :rainbowlaugh: They are brilliant :moustache:
3. ????
4. Profit. :moustache:


2216788Lol, looks like i Beat you to it.:rainbowlaugh:

It's good, keep it up. I will be watching.

I wanted Hush Puppy.... :rainbowlaugh:

I'm liking the premise so far. He gets a bit serious when he's hunting and when he's not he basically has Attention Deficit Ooh Look Shiny Disorder...

The only thing I'm very hesitant and worried about is the romance tag this story has. I've seen all sorts of stupid ships with a human turned animal. It gets annoying after a while. Though I can't be sure about how it will go I just tend to lean towards staying away from them. Just don't go and make it a pony or something. Especially not Fluttershy. Nice pony, terrible exuse for a romance plot point. It's been kicked to death long enough.

Unless the tag is meant for another wolf, in which case I don't know what to expect and I'm rather looking forward to seeing how you develop that.

Yep, he's right. I'm loving this right now. It's always good to hear that i'm doing a good job, at least in keeping the mechanics (grammar, spelling, etc) behind his insanity sound.

Look, look with your special eyes.

What is this a romance tag?
Bet it's with Winona. :pinkiecrazy:

Bad joking aside commence the read.:twilightsmile:

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