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Crazy Laughter

I've been writing fanfiction for a few years now and I have recently come to know of PONY. That is all, actually.



A brony is transported into Equestria, but he finds himself in the body of a huge wolf. Can a carnivorous predator really befriend ponies, herbivorous equines, or will his new predatory instincts and the ponies instinctive fear of him make it impossible? His strange situation does not dampen the joy of actually being in Equestria, but that changes as an alien hatred starts gnawing at his mind...

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It has a wolf in it... I am interested...

Well, a wolf is certainly a change from an all-powerful alicorn. Shame bronies these days don't understand the finesse that creating a true OC requires.

"Hurr Durr, I am the long lost sister of Celestia. I am an all-powerful human alicorn thing, and it is compulsory for all of the Mane 6 to love and sex me."

Ugh. Anyway, not a bad fic so far mate, keep at it! Please don't let it sink into regular HiE slop. Good luck! :pinkiesmile:

Is he hungry like the wolf? I like that song.

Also good story I'm liking.

Fenrir, the giant wolf spy. Seems legit, doesn't it?

On a serious note, I like the concept of the story and it is well executed so far, so I'll add it to my favorites and see what future chapters will bring.
Some of Fenrir's action don't seem so plausible, because they were stupid as hell and everybody with a brain should be able to do better. For example trying to knock off AJ's hat. You are a giant wolf, damnit, how do you think she would react if you do that?

Anyways, apart from the stupidity, I am liking this so far.

Ahhhh...barrels....now I'm obsessed with this story. Well Played.

“Let’s do this! LEEEERROOOOY WIIIINGIIINSS!” ................. I think I love you.

“I am here because Twilight Sparkle is best pony. You have been taught by the sovereign ruler of –“

You forgot to bold that.

I liked it write more please :pinkiehappy:

Sweet a wolf,a real wolf to be precise instead of the Timberwolf.

This was awesome, I hope to read more in the future. :pinkiehappy:

This is so confusing, has he been a wolf for years now or something? He's acting like he has, way too calm and familiar with his own body. And his character is really weird, he seems less like a..."normal" person and more like somebody who's specifically RPing as some powerful, sagacious wolf. It feels like you could just take out the "this wolf was once a man" aspect of it and the story would be better off.


Fixed, thanks for pointing that out. I write these chapters on Word before pasting them here, so I have to go through the whole chapter over again to bold his lines. Personally I think it works better than having him talk in all CAPS, but it is a pain to do.


Yes, the fact that he didn't use to be a wolf hasn't been explained well enough in the story itself. The way I see it, he feels dislocated from the body he's in and is acting like it is all a dream. You have noticed how erratically he's acting and how human his mannerisms still are, a fact Spike caught up on,

In short; The premise of the story is the conflict between the wolf and the human, so let's say there's enough wolf in him to make it easy for him to move around.


How giddy would you be if you suddenly found yourself in Equestria? Yes, the thing with the hat was stupid for a reason, mainly because the character needs to show that he's not good with controlling impulses for the rest of the story... or I just added it on the spot while I was writing the story, whichever works.


Alright, you've convinced me, I'm curious to see how this is gonna develop.

Fuck yeah wolves are awesome!


Would you look at the time... it's time for pony!


I'll have to admit that every single one of my stories is basicly just an OC showing up and fucking up the canon cast's life. You could say I have exerience in creating OC's, but this story just basically stemmed from me asking "What would happen if a brony got turned into a wolf and woke up in Equestria?"

Something I decided to put into paper when National Pony writing month rolled around. :derpytongue2:


Also, what defines regular HiE slop? I haven't read too many of those fics, so I don't know the pitfalls to watch out for.


Thanks, hadn't seen that yet. I actually think I dodged most of these purely by chance, with the possible exception of the amnesia part. I haven't decided how I present Fenrir as a character.


It's a good thing that you waited before showing us what he is like. Info-dumps are boring, and it was good to see that you present his personality through his interactions rather than just telling us.


I don't even get how it's possible to "tell" about someone's personality. You can say someone has a short temper, but if you don't have him snapping in anger at someone, or hear his inner dialoque on contemplating murder, then it's just text from the author about the character... and that's stupid.


Seriously, why mention barrels? Are you by any chance a part of the bro army? I can honestly say no barrels had anything to do with the making of this fic.

Your comment has perplexed me and the brightest minds I could get a hold of for quite some time.

I used barrels as an expletive(cuss,swear,etc) because, yes I'm part of the bro army. Now please, update this story.


3663 words into the second chapter. I have the strange writing style of not setting anything in stone before I write, but hating to rewrite anything, so it takes a while as I occasionally stop and ponder if I should leave something in, or add something else. Usually it works out.

This is looking to be rather good, Liked and Tracked! :twilightsmile:

Who trots in next Sleipnir?


I do not plan on this being an asgardian family reunion. Anyways, Jörmungandr is busy eating his own tail. He's a little... special.

Fenrir was the first name that came to mind when I started thinking for names, so why not have the transformed brony do the same? I still haven't decided if he has any other abilities or powers, aside from being a huge effin wolf, so the name Fenrir might be just a coincidence, or not.

Aside from a few grammatical errors, I'm enjoying the heck out of this! Carry on! :twilightsmile:
Also, I really enjoyed Dash yelling "Avenge me!". Don't know why I find that so funny.

Big Mac answered with a court “Nope.” <-- Should be "curt", I think.
Fenrir said in what sounded like a clam tone ... Don't think I need to point out the typo there.

And there were one or two others but I seem to have lost track of them. Fantastic.
Either way, it might be worth looking through this once more.


Fixed, these things tend to slip by me. Glad you liked the story, I am quite shocked by all the positive feedback I'm getting.


actually, alicorn OC's are not that bad, if not made omnipotent and aren't shameless self-inserts... :facehoof:

Then again, that's like saying "Bad OC's aren't that bad, if you just give them a personality, flaws and... you know what, if you just make them good OC's" :twilightblush:

I can't help it; every time I see or hear the phrase "more than meets the eye" I immediately think transformers.

It's likely that the people who downvoted this probably did it without reading the story or didn't make it through the first chapter. Don't worry about pleasing everyone on the internet.

I'm slightly confused... Still great though, but AppleDash is ruining this for me... :ajsmug: X :rainbowdetermined2: = :pinkiesick:


I added it on a brony whim and decided to leave it, since Fenrir was one. I'm not sure if there will be any truth to it, but there's a chance I'll stick with it.

What are you confused about?

1057103 Just some series of events, I'm rereading it to see if i can make sense of it...

Edit: Ok, i got it.

P.s. I'm a :yay::heart::rainbowkiss: Guy.


Or they might have been scared off by the whole insuated AppleDash thing. I left that in, since it was a whim of my brony self, so why not have a brony who's a huge wolf assume the same? The one thing I honestly think makes this story look like a self-insert, but I decided to keep it.

:rainbowkiss: you love me, you really, really love me!

Still kind of shocked by the positive feedback this story is getting.

Wolf? Coool!

Uh oh. Dark and Tragedy tags?


You know something, I imagine Fenrir's voice to be exactly like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. It's got that playful menace and erudition that one expects from a creature much bigger than a pony.

In other news, I like what I read with its marvellous OC and excellent dialogue.

PS: You know what must do now. Find ways to stick in Bane's lines (You know the ones) in Fenrir's mouth.


Actually, I'm one of the few people that haven't seen the movie yet (theaters are EXPENSIVE) but if you're talking about "When Gotham lies in ashes, you have my permission to die" or "You adopted the darkness, I was born in it" then those have been floating around the internets for a while. :applejackunsure:

But go ahead, quote the lines you mean. It would be a fun challenge to incorporate them into the story, or just have Fenrir doing it intentionally for shits and giggels, he was a brony after all.

I'm glad you like my OC and love that you deem my dialoque to be adequate.


Well, as cool wolves are, they tend to be carnivores. equestria is full of fat, meaty herbivorous and half of the other wildlife can talk, so it's not an ideal place for a huge wolf. :raritydespair:

The tragedy and Sad tags are for the later parts in the story, but to be honest I wasn't sure what to tag this, like, at all.

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