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This story is a sequel to PONY POV SERIES SEASON 8: FINALE!

This takes place narratively after the entire pony pov series, IE, Pony Pov Series episode 435 (actual final chapter, "I wish you all to fair well my friends.") as there are spoilers for the entire series in here. So please read this last.

This was commissioned by me years ago to Godzillawolf, who has only now gotten around to completing it. I felt the story might have needed more polish, but after all the blood, sweat and tears he put into working it, he just waned it DONE, and I can very much appreciate that.

The story will run about 3 parts give or take.

The title says it all really about what this IS about! It's SIRENS, verses NIGHTMARES, who is gonna win? No matter who wins, we lose.

I hope you enjoy this final run through the pony pov series.

PLEASE don't forget the Pony POV Series Trope page! https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/PonyPOVSeries

Cover art by Godzillawolf.

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I can already the song screaming in my head.

Also, Aria, I need to ask you a favour.

Already what screaming in your head?

I wish she could respond, but in-character responses are forbidden by our admin overlords.

I can imagine Adagio mocking, "You ain't seen nothin' yet!"

Welcome to the Show.

What the heck are you doing here?! :rainbowderp:

I fallen into a spell. My bad!

So... is this really the end of your fanfiction writing days? Because you said that previously, yet didn't stop then.

I didn't write this story. I commissioned it years ago, and the author jut now finally got around to writing it.

I apologize that you wondering if I was going to write more was all you got from the story, that is a failure on my part since I read through, edited, and approved this story as canon for my fanon.

Ah right, a commission. Okay, yeah, that makes sense.

Just, you said you were done with fanfiction after Pony PoV's finalle, but you've gone ahead and done stuff like your version of TCB.

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