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Just your average Brony who happened upon an idea that might actually turn out to be clever enough for guys to love.


This story is a sequel to PONY POV SERIES SEASON 8: FINALE!

Sweetie Belle is no longer a filly, but she still needs help after her first 'almost close' night with Button Mash. Not all the needs planted in our childhoods are good things. And some things are not so easily weeded.

Written in the space of one afternoon.
Edited by my friends.

Part of the Pony POV Series.

This takes place after the finale season.

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Good of Luna to teach Sweetie why temptation doesn’t make you evil unless you give in to it.

She also hinted that Twilight had similar impulses but had found a way to explore them that DON'T harm others. (Going with the fanon idea Twilight and Starlight both have a mind control fetish.)

This was wonderful, and something important I don’t think I would’ve found in any other SweetieMash story.

What is the important?

That traumas, by your own mistake or not, can be overcome, but you need the help of your friends :rainbowwild::twilightsmile:

That was a good story. Its sad to see Sweetie belle still has trauma from Chrysalis fortunately she has good friends to help her overcome it.

This was written to be a form of emotional 'final farewell' to the pony pov series as a setting for me. I wanted to circle back to this.

Really love your stories, side note out of curiosity do you take story requests?

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