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Spike has a lot on his mind. As a senior at Ponyville High, he's overloaded with classes, buried in stress... and he's been harboring a crush on a certain close friend for longer than he'd care to admit.

Scootaloo has a lot on her mind. As a junior at Ponyville High, she's pouring her focus into the upcoming softball season, dealing with some irritating gossip about her personal life... and can't help but notice a certain dragon constantly looking her way.

Perhaps it's finally time for one of them to do something about all this...

Cover art by https://twitter.com/cassettepunk

Editing assistance graciously provided by https://www.fimfiction.net/user/112079/Daedalus+Aegle

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Holy shit. You're back!

Why isn’t there a drama tag?

I did not expect that I like this story so much to be honest, I will look forward to the next chapter

Written with google translator

At the center of the pool, floating on a pony-made island of inflatable rafts, Diamond Diara lay spread out and relaxed.

Likewise, the pitcher reached into a bucket by his hooves and grabbed another ball. As he did his head briefly turned in Spike’s direction. Spike couldn’t be sure, but he thought he saw the unicorn smirk at him before shaking his head and looking back towards the batter.

He's a pegasus in all the other parts, as far as I can tell.

“Welllllllll…” Apple Bloom trailed off and looked at the sky, a hand passing things off to Sweetie Bloom.

The hour was late, and his time had come. He stood up, careful not to lose his balance on the small outcropped, and flexed out his wings.


Intriguing start, nice subtle worldbuilding of the AU and horribly relatable about being the nerdy introvert at the party. Definitely keeping an eye on this one.


On those typos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=no_elVGGgW8

Thanks for catching them! Got them fixed.

And I hope you enjoy how this thing keeps going!

Daedalus sent me.

This certainly looks like an intriguing slice of life story. I will be following this with interest.

You really have a lovely way with words. Significant Other, who is looking over my shoulder as I read this on my laptop on the sofa, said "I can already feel the exhaustion from that party". (He is a bit of an introvert himself). The "leave nothing to the imagination" line also got a wry giggle out of me as well.

Looking forward to more ScootaSpike

There’s a big lab assessment today, I’ve got a calculus exam tomorrow, and a pretty big history paper due next week.

I am old enough to have those memories fade away with time, yet still young enough to wince in a bit of anxiety as those memories are dredged back up...

Given Spike and Scootaloo's awkwardly awkward oblivious awkwardness around each other and Equestria's penchant for spontaneous flash musicals, I believe it is only a matter of time before they both break out in a musical number à la Partridge Family's I Think I Love You


Hey, no judgment here - I'm pretty certain at this point that typos actively breed in stories between writing and publication. And sometimes afterwards.

I do love me a good musical. A shame they never quite translate into written stories so well...

They really do! A hearty and resilient species, the wild typo...

Opposite the sofa was a large table with the one modern thing in the whole clubhouse: a nice little portable tv, purchased by Sweetie Belle and graciously powered by Big Mac laying out a whole lot of extension cords through the apple trees.

Umm... I hope there's some really reliable waterproofing, trip-proofing and... basically everything-proofing on those cables, cause otherwise... :twilightoops:

Anyway, nice chapter - really enjoying the CMC's interactions and... relating to Spike's anxiety, even if I've not personally experienced this cause of it.


To paraphrase Homer Simpson, who knows more about electricity than farmers?

For Scootaloo, a tofu burger with extra pickles and a side salad, with a big class of cherry coke.

Still, shel insisted on leaving the tip herself as they headed out the door and into the cool nighttime air.

And the good chemistry continues. Particularly like how you handled their shared interest - a thing to get one's attention on the other and for both to bond over, but not the reason why they're interested in each other.

I love this so far. I can't wait for more! It's really so good and omg I think in in love with your writing!

Yeah, that was something I really wanted to get right. It's something that matters to them both, but it is inherently a surface level personality point, as it were. Gotta dig a bit deeper to keep them around.

Thank you!

YES :pinkiehappy:

This is a fantastic story, can't wait for more. Good chapter!

I really like this story. It allows me to plunge into those old days and feel that atmosphere a little. Now I study at the university and I am glad to once again remember what it was.

I'm more then 15 years out from high school at this point. Some of it I remember well, other parts a blur. The recreation is very tricky indeed.

Is this story still going? it's been awhile...

Hello, yes! Last few months got a lot more hectic than I meant to, so this got back burnered. But I'll be back to it! Hopefully soon!

All Good! just wanted to make sure this was still ongoing and not dead, glad it still is but no pressure focuses on your life first.

The unicorn turned back in her chair and looked at her. “Something just happened. I don’t know what. I can feel it. Something… social just happened.”

"My Rarity sense is tingling!"

Well, this was an interesting read. This story has a school vibe and it was nice to go back to those old carefree days... Thanks for this story

Damn, this story was great but that ending or at least what is assumed to happen in the future got me :raritydespair: but it's a good massage about reality and life, anyway Great story!

So, the thing with Gabby was just a throw away scene? Like, she comes in, tries to confess to Spike, see Spike and Scootaloo smooching, runs off and vanishes forever?

Yup, just an unclosed loop among several. I thought about putting something in, but the chapter was long enough as it is.

Wait. It's over? Already?

Man, I really dug this. You really captured those nostalgic feelings of the best parts of high school. A tremendous return to form!

I just wish there was more...

Nothing in life ever lasts as long as we'd like! But I thank you for reading and for your sentiment.

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