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Rainbow Dash has always relied on her friends for moral support. But when the biggest competition of her life comes, who's there to support her?

Entry for SpikeDash competition, but really, I'm just doing this out of the love I have for this pairing. I raise my glass to all the supporters and lovers of the pairing, as well as Vexy, who's words of inspiration were "DO IT FILLY!"

Sorry for the minuscule size of this chapter, I wanted to finish as fast as I could. FORWARD TO THE CHARGE! Also, this is only going to be about four chapters, so yeah...

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Comments ( 8 )

Always good to see more SpikeDash. Favourited and liked so I can see where this is going.

Oh, and best of luck in the competition. A competition which I have also entered. :twilightsmile:

SpikeDash is love: SpikeDash is greatness.

can't wait to find out how they get together

3129427 Nice to see humble people on here. :twilightsmile:

Oh WAIT! Dash don't start panick because your lovely friend Spike IS HERE!!!:moustache:

Totally unrelated to the story, I want to thank you for doing the guest chapter for 'Good Things Come'. It inspired me to write a similar scenario with Spike and Dash for my story 'The Legacy of Spike'.

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