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After Trixie looks into the mirror, Two Trixies find themselves in each other's world.

Cover Image done by Bronyontheway on Deviantart.

* Figured I'd edit the description, to match the direction I'm thinking I'm about to take.

Chapters (15)
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One of the reasons Trixie is such a great character is because she's so ambiguous. Even though she boasted, she also had some degree of actual talent. Even though the Ursa was a disaster, Trixie wasn't directly responsible for it. And even though she acted like an enormous jerk, it's never obvious how much of that was really her personality and how much was her act -- plus, having her wagon crushed was pretty harsh any way you look at it.

You can write a story that takes her in almost any direction from there, plausibly. She can be as good or bad as you want.

113934 Agreed. I see quite a number of different perspective towards the character. I would like to see Trixie as somewhat arrogant character who still tries to prove herself.


I found it hard to follow at the start, but when I realized what was happening i got hooked. Loved the story

113934 you forgot that she also "Tried" to do somthing when Snips and Snails broght the Ursa insted of just runing away.


Quite right. Even though she was outmatched, she stood her ground and tried her best to counter the Ursa.

This is really compelling, although some typos and grammar mistakes make it difficult to track.

Nevertheless, this is mind bending and really complex, not for the light readers, but you really know how to make history interesting :heart:

Trixie must learn to sort her memory.

Right now she believes Ponyville challenged her, when in fact she challenged them.

She can't trust her own mind when it's this willing to lie to itself and her.

170845 Thanks for the comment. English is my second language and I always seem to have issue with grammars.

170934 The way I see it is that Trixie boasted because she was a magician in her show. I figure she learned to be arrogant as her training as a magician, at least on the stage. So she expects nopony will make a fuss when she boasts, because it is her own show.

This story is rather interesting so far. It makes me wonder what happens to the Trixie from within the mirror when the Trixie from outside goes inside.


Nono, I get that; She still has the confrontation in Ponyville in wrong order. She threw down the gauntlet after they refused to applaud her as Snips and Snails did. Overconfidence leads her to push what blame she shares away from herself.

171776 Okay...I don't remember that part from the episode. I thought it was only mane 6 who really challenged Trixie in the first place?

171410 Well, as you can see, she finds herself in a wooden cottage

Ugh.... my freaking brain hurts.... :twilightoops: Oh well! I like the story alot, a bit confusing but I like it! Very interesting the 'what if's' & such...

Looks like the story is starting to move along now. Great! :pinkiehappy:

356262 Hmm, do you think the pace is a little bit slow?

I am curious whether English is a second language to you. I find many of the parts to be worded very unusually with the wrong tense or the wrong form of a verb. Perhaps it merely needs a pre-reader and editor?

A part that makes this very difficult to read, causing me to glaze over the paragraphs, is the whole Trixie thinking Trixie in Trixie's own mind thing. I certainly am not qualified to speak on matters of psychology, but I am fairly certain that even as self-centered and egotistical as she may be, nobody, or nopony for that matter, thinks in the third-person (er, pony). She would have some fairly severe mental problems or be quite strange in the head to be that way. The use of an illeism for Trixie is to confer a sense of grandeur and to confer loft airs, it is not likely she needs to do this against herself.

What you are writing for her is also not what is meant by third person narrative, just in case you are not aware of that distinction. That is to say that having a character refer to themselves in the third person during inner monologues does not make it a third person perspective narrative.

This is a very interesting concept, I look forward to the progression of the story.

395612 Yeah, English is my second language. I find myself struggling with grammar quite a lot.

And for Trixie constantly referring herself as Trixie, that's what I thought to be so fitting of her. My idea is that she is so focused on using the third-person that she even thinks that way too...or maybe that sounds too awkward? Trixie referring herself as 'she' is what I had in mind from the start.

395808 That clears up the part about the grammar and structure.

As for her illeism, Boast Busters was full of her using third pony and first pony. Her challenge line places both in one line:

"Don't believe the Great and Powerful Trixie? Well then, I hereby challenge you, Ponyvillians -- anything you can do, I can do better. Any takers? Anyone? Or is Trixie destined to be the greatest equine who has ever lived!?!"

I am fairly sure she knows the difference and uses it in standard conversation to be haughty. I understand what you mean though, so if it works for your story than keep doing what you are doing.

I've realized something about this story.

Its wording and syntax are very unusual. The structure of the words twists and turns until I am unsure whether they are intentionally labyrinthine, or the product of a flawed understanding of the language they wish to convey.

Just like Trixie's thoughts.

OK I think I am starting to get better at seeing them as stuck and not constantly swapping bodies and realities. It is still confusing.:pinkiecrazy:

You thats something ive always thought about trixie,
when she was making fools out of the mane 6,
and generally being a braggard, she was just doing her job.
If you think about it, it was the mane 6 who were in the wrong.
I mean if a comedian makes a joke about you, you dont run them outta town.

Alright brain, time to put your thinking cap on.

So brain what do you make of all that?
*Turns t'words his brain, sees only a gooey puddle*
Well...... thats not good.

"Trixie was Trixie, but not that Trixie, she was the Trixie That wasnt the Trixie that was thinking about Trixie."

*Throws his mop down on the floor*
I give up, sorry brain but ima just leave you behind on this one.

Welp without a brain to melt, this story is rather interesting heh...
Whats that smell?
*Looks over at a now on fire, gooey puddle of brain matter*
Hah stupid brain.... errr wait. what?

Your Trixie Shes Trixie They're Trixie, Heck I'm Trixie!!!

Oh i see... it all makes sense now.
Err or does it?

Blue. That is all.

*laying face down on the floor, covered in drool*
I Cant do it, my brains they hurts.

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