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Wind Whistler

Despite my account name, I'm male.


Taking a break from Friendship is Abundant · 11:40pm Feb 29th, 2012

I'm not exactly content with the characterization on this story, so that's why I'm going to practice character interactions with the My Little Pony/Invader Zim crossover that I just started. Once I feel confident enough with my writing abilities, I intend to do major edits to FiA to improve its overall quality.

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Hi. I just marked one of your stories as "Read later" when i noticed your profile picture and user name, and i just had to come here and say one little thing.

Wind Whistler is Best G1 Pony Ever!

Well hello there. Wind Whistler is best username, amirite? :pinkiehappy:

Wind Whistler is best G1 pony :pinkiehappy:

Oh hai. I noticed you lacked comments on your profile, so I'ma giving you one for the road :twilightsmile:

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