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In my dream Discord came to me and asked a question. "What if your whole life was just a dream, Trixie?" he asked. And I answered.

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Nice mysterious description :) Doesn't give much away about the story. I like that!

Trixie is too pathetic not to be a dream... I mean really, if she actually practiced alot, then I don't see how she isn't one of the most powerful magic users ever. I guess she is just really good at illusions.

This was a bit confusing, but I like it. Thumbs up.

An interesting concept. I rather liked it.

A very good story. I'm still not clear on the ending if was she woke as the G&PT or just Trixie Lulamoon in a hospital?

Well, I liked it, but there was something about the language that made it difficult to read.

When I try to visualize what I'm reading all I get is a jumbled mess which, if intentional, is an oddly effective way to bring Discord into the piece; but is really distracting.

That said the premise is good and I like where it is heading if you mean to continue.

1859466 look at it this way how many other unicorns do you see that does anything other than levitation? That would be only Twilight and her brother. so by those standards she would be a realy good magician.

1859565 Is it grammar that's bothering you? I have to admit I'm not very good at it.

I re-read it and, yes, it is just a grammar issue. Nothing a good beta wouldn't fix.

1859768 If you could, can you please post out maybe 1~2 points I could work on? I re-read this thing 2~3 times before posting...

1859596 But Twiiilight knows so much moooore.

Nice. Very metaphysical, this one. I love Trixie's answer. And she's too awesome NOT to be real! :trixieshiftleft:

...And then she woke up to see the Doctor and Nurse rejoice over her waking up from her coma...:pinkiehappy:

2101065 Sorry about that, LOL Couldn't resist. :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::twilightoops:

1860148 how do we know that, Trixie's cutie mark implies she's good at stage magic, but what is that when the whole workd could be tgat much more, if you look at it form a canon perspective Twilight should be the most powerful being alive just because she represents magic,but that simple notion is debunked with Celestia and Luna all the way till the end of season three, if anything else Trixie could be a diamond in the rough tat ould be gas she proclaims the greatest unicorn in all of Equestria.

Interesting take on the existentialist issue, and I think Trixie made a good argument. Not waterproof, but good. More than that, it showed her confidence and self-assuredness when a weaker person would have doubted.

I love Trixie's answer. Gotta say this fic does raise some existential question. It's very thought inducing.

I really like this, in part because Trixie's answer is also mine when I am asked the solipsist question, and in part because it ties out with a theory I have about Discord... given that we know sensory deprivation causes hallucinations, in at least one of my continuities Discord spent much of the time he was imprisoned lost in waking dreams where he couldn't tell whether they were real or not, and breaking out of his prison allowed him to reorient himself to the real world. He also has the ability to dreamwalk from his prison, like Luna, but because he can only enter dreams, he still has no anchor to the real world. So if my theory was correct, asking Trixie this question wouldn't actually be some plot to torment Trixie or whatever, but because he actually desperately needs to know the answer; he's losing his grasp on the concept that there's a reality outside himself and he's trying to remember why he believes the real world ever existed in the first place.

I think I am going to adopt this idea as headcanon. :-)

Very nice! I loved this very much.
The whole conversion was interesting on its own, and I'd love to see more stories like this.

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