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After her recent screw-up in Canterlot, the Great and Powerful Trixie decides to leave the city. However, she forgot one crucial part: food. Can she convince a silent farmpony to part with his prized fruits, or will her ego get in the way, as usual?
Note: this is based on Season 3 speculation (mine), but it can be fit in canon regardless of the actual episodes that will air.
Cover image is made from http://tithenluin.deviantart.com/art/MLP-FIM-Sweet-Apple-Acres-BG-211838702
and http://rusteddrone.deviantart.com/art/Standing-Trixie-281946022

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Oh, Trixie, how far you have fallen. :rainbowlaugh:

Big Macintosh is having so much fun with this

The story is fine, but the formatting needs to be fixed. What is wrong with the quotation marks?

What is wrong with the quotation marks? Please tell me.


All the opening quotation marks look like they are on the bottom of the line. The closing quotes are fine. Maybe it is the parser, but it looks terrible.

I wrote the whole thing in a text editor, then just copy/pasted it, and added italics where needed. I guess quotation marks are srewed up with the program... I'll look into it if it can be changed. Meanwhile, I just manually changed it :twistnerd:

"How'da know?" :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: I officially like :eeyup: + :trixieshiftright: now:raritywink:

I like it:pinkiehappy:

Chapter is up . Warning for those weak at heart: it may contain traces of Trixie being awesome. If you can't handle it, please keep your defibrillators in check.:derpyderp2:

And there's the twist: Trixie isn't nearly as clueless as you'd think. Probably Earth Pony parents.

Maybe, or she just remembered to take her 'Intelligence 3000' pills in the morning.
But, chapter three will answer a few questions, or so I hope. Some exposition's inbound! :pinkiecrazy:

Earth pony magic being earth and nature magic, unicorn harvesting might affect the taste, and more importantly it could plausibly harm the fertility of the orchard.

:eeyup: I say!
Let us dispose quickly of Twilight, so this slip-up will never be known!:pinkiecrazy:
On the other hand, Trixie does not use magic, so the poor apples are safe... for now.

Already end, duuh i though it will be much more longer but anyway good story hope for sequel

Yeah, the last part feels rushed to me too, but I'm kinda occupied with my other story now, and yes, I'm planning a sequel to this.

Since I'm full of turkey, and a feeling a bit of indigestion, I'll point out a few typos, rather than do a full workup of typo and grammar errors

Absorbed so much in getting away, that he forgott o take off his plough, too

forgot to

Finally, he decided tol isten to her story, and make a decision after that

to listen

"Let's drop the subject, 'kay?" Big Mac scoffled.

Scoffled isn't a word, methinks, though I could be wrong

LOVED IT! I just love how your portray Trixie. And who would've known Big Mac was such a trickster? :eeyup:
Awesome story, loved the humor and interactions between characters. Sequel?:raritystarry:

Those typos... goddamn autocorrect.
And if scoffled is not a word, I'll make it a word! Mwahahahaha! :pinkiecrazy:
Sequel's halfly written in my head, but now I'm typing the story I've actually written down in form of a raw manuscript.

Fix'd. If there are any more, tell me.

The end??? I kinda wanted to see some maxie shipping :pinkiesmile:


Look at the bright side. At least she's not working on a rock farm.


This chapter made me lol. An achievement that earns you a track. :pinkiesmile:

Good Show.

JOLLY good show! :pinkiehappy:

Good show. Ending felt a bit abrupt, but other than that it was fun. I think this was the first time I read Trixie and Big Mac interacting without any of the other Mane cast involved.

And oh yes, it seems that Trixie's "anything you can do I can do better" extends to trolling. That was a hilarious bit. Good to see a Trixie who isn't just a whiner when she gets shown up, but tries to take charge of the situation and get some payback.


Thanks. Ending is... well, I'm not exactly proud of it, either, but I never intended the story to end here. In fact, I already have the third part planned out in my head.

As for Trixie: I started writing this before 'Magic Duel', so I went with something different (I always felt that season three didn't really resolve anything). I imagine that Trixie was not always a jerk; mainly because sociopathic Trixie is not fun to write.:raritywink:
So, only path left was to find out the reason she went arrogant--then make simple deductions as to what would happen if she realised her life wasn't fun. This iteration of Trixie would try to change her life back to when it was fun--even if it means kicking the laws of nature in the butt.:rainbowdetermined2:
What we are left with are a few personality traits, which are brigth as day: determination (edging into hard-headedness), confidence (sometimes over-), and a bit of recklessness and carefree attitude.
Of course, this is only one Trixie. Even my other stories portray her differently-- I recommend them if you can take on sadder themes as well. Also, don't forget to check out the sequel-- hopefully I can finally get to updating it...:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:


"Then I’ll perform, just for you! You could see wonders beyond your comprehension, just for a meager apple!” sounds like a sexy dance to me.

1503700 Ya know, I see That_one_guy everywhere. I wonder what his name is?


dodging objects from a range of tomatoes
dodging objects ranging from tomatoes

won’t eat
wouldn't eat

Is she
You use was a few lines before it, so the is seems to be a tense slip. Was would work here too.

are still
were still

by refined tastes as
tastes as refined as Trixie's

Trixie hang her dejectedly.
hung her head perhaps?

'Hey! It's that Trixie story again! Man, I love reading this story when I find it in the Trixie Stories listing'
'Hey Brain, why don't you actually Fav the story instead of just thumbing it up?'

does not
did not

needs to
needed to

promting it to explode, if he
prompting, and you can remove the comma there, I think.

he's somewhat
he was somewhat

"Trixie is the bestest mare, hooray, hooray! She's the strongest, cutest, all-around best pony, ponyyyyy!"
:trixieshiftleft: Now... what music do you sing that to?

could not help, but feel
Can pull that comma, I think.

couldn't resist, but ask:
Since she couldn't resist, it should probably be 'and asked' rather than 'but'

won't thwart


her sister does
:trixieshiftright:his sister did? Or is Big Mac hiding something?

will probably

that' all
Just a typo, should probably be that was, though.

There's always
There was always is a little clearer, There's always seems like 'There is' which is a tense slip.

plowing is

he will not

The mare wouldn't know kindness, if it didn't hit her in the head.
Awkward phrasing. The line is usually 'wouldn't know it if it hit her in the head' but you might have wanted it to be a bit more folksy, so not sure if it needs fixing.

muffins are in

she can fly

While correct, you used plow in the previous chapter. Unified spelling and all that.

they are

Ditzy has

:trixieshiftright: Not a really real word, but very folksy... Let's keep it.

were prob'bly tried having fun
were prob'bly trying to have or prob'bly tried having

...a-pear-rances? The pun seems incomplete.

who are well

he will make sure the mares eat
would, ate

she will be

promise is a promise

he has not gotten all of his doubts out of the way.
had, the end of the line is a bit clumpy. 'had not cleared his doubts away' might be an option, but it still works as is.

full of fries,
:trixieshiftright: apple fries or fried apples?

"You simply don't look like an oak tree."
:twilightoops: Trixie did?

what third of
a third

a watchtower.
...A lighthouse?

will be

Annnd first story gone through. I hope you finish those sequels at some point. Still, a nice bit of 'Trixie is Actually Competent!'

Yeah, the ending was a bit... meh. But this was a lot of fun. I feel like Trixie switched a bit too fast from being haughty and snarky to being self-reflective, but the journey there, if fast, was still entertaining and charming. I also give you props for using Big Mac in such an unconventional way in having him challenge Trixie with the intention to teach her a lesson, only to find himself having to respect her ability.
What I'm trying to say is: :yay:


Yeah, since the next story was inside my head, I kinda rushed the ending. Still, it became a learning experience.
About Trixie going fast from haughty: this story chooses to assume she's very different from her stage persona, but had acted like that all the time, until something really started to bug her.

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