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Ranma and company are used to strange unusual phenomenon, it comes with living in Nerima. Going from two legs to four though? That's a new one for them, even if it seems unusually simple for some.

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I actually like your story. Shame that Ranma's locked as a mare forever, though.

7385042 Maaaaaybe. Maaaaaybe not. :raritywink:

7385073 There's a surprising lack of Ranma fics, but all the ones I've read are pretty good so far.

7385165 Most who write Ranma these days are veterans of 'ye old dial-up'. Myself not included. I'm told that back then you had to really want to share your stories, and wanted to make sure they were good before dealing with 'ye old dial-up'. Myself, I just don't like posting something I'd hate to read.

Glad I found this here. Read it from the other site it was posted on.

Found it first on FF.net, then remembered you had an account here. Would Very much like to see more. There aren't enough Ranma 1/2 crossovers out there, and a majority of them are unfortunately pretty terrible. It'd be a shame to see this one forever stalled at the beginning.

This has the potential for some real fun. I hope you continue it.
Oh and this:

Ranma rolled her eyes. Trust Ryouga to get caught up on the little things. “Go already. The sooner you turn into a pig the sooner you turn into a pig the sooner we can get moving.” She said, as she waved a hoof at him impatiently.

I think you need to remove one 'The sooner you turn into a pig' from this sentence...

I hate being "that guy" but is this story canceled or on indefinite hiatus?

I’m a sucker for Ranma 1/2 crossovers, and this one caught my interest after finally coming across it. I hope this one chapter won’t be the end of it.

Hum, interesting story, a bit long for an intro but the writing is good. I would have though that Ranma's rivals could be introduced later down the road as to first focus on Ranma and Akané. I wouldn't have picked Ranma as an Alicorn, or anything other then and Earth pony seeing how dedicated he is with his physical prowess and his general bad expectancy with anything magical in nature, and the face the he always seems to be content at just being normal. I think the story could use a lot more humor as the mangas are know for. For a good story with Ranma I would have guess a fetch quest would be more suited to him and pairing up with Daring, Trixie, or other wandering characters as companions and not being stuck in any particular place for very long, at least when he starts to get bored then he starts getting into trouble. I will be looking forward to the next chapter.


This is really great! One of the good Ranma/MLP I've seen on here! Totally awesome!^_^

Please, please, please, please, please update this one soon!

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