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When Rainbow Dash finds herself lost in a new and unfamiliar village, she reaches out to a certain lavender-hued stranger for help. But to Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash is no stranger; at least until she notice her strange new voice, a lack of wings, and a fondness of the word ‘darling’. Intrigued by the uncanny looks to one of her best friends, she decides to lend the newcomer a helping hoof, but things go from weird to weirder when Pinkie Pie happily announces that she too has met her lookalike. Twilight Sparkle and her friends take it upon themselves to find out the truth behind this mystery: who are these doppelgangers? Could there really be another Ponyville out there? And what does it all have to do with Discord’s lost legacy?

Cover art by AireDaleDogz (http://airedaledogz.deviantart.com/)

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I remember this story on EqD. Enjoyed it and glad to see it here :pinkiesmile:

Haha, you uploaded this here! Great to see it bro!

Favourited? Check
Tracked? Check
Five Stars? Check

AAAAHHHHHH! G3 PONIES! WORSE THAN CUPCAKES! WORSE THAN CUPCAKES! (Lol kidding, nice story.:pinkiehappy:)

YES this is here now too. This story is epically awesome and everyone should read it.

I'm glad to see the story here, It's good to see two new chapters too. They're good, Too! :twilightsmile:

Well....this is different.:rainbowhuh:

This is a great story! I like the way you're examining the highlights and shortcomings of G3 while still treating it with dignity. The mystery of Discord's involvement just keeps getting creepier. Eager to see where this goes!

NOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I had hidden my G3 past behing me:fluttercry: It's ok... Calm Yourself.... You're OK........NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

I'm just kidding. I love this so much!!!:rainbowkiss:

I noticed this when I read the version that was posted on EQD: you seem to have misspelled 'shock' as 'chock' - the same happens in chapter two (as 'chocked') and possibly elsewhere.

Other than that, I found this to be quite the good story. I hope to see what else develops.

Man, G3 ponies are pansies.

"Rainbow castle in Unicornia." Smells like generic little girl bullshit.

"Rainbow castle in Unicornia." Smells like generic little girl bullshit.


Why are you even on a website specifically for ponies if that's what you think about them?

Glad to see this thing's on Fimfiction at last.

This went on way too long IMO
My reaction as time went on::rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::rainbowderp::ajbemused::trixieshiftleft:

G3 ponies are disgusting.

G3 ponies are disgusting.


No. The G3 ponies are fine. the G3 cartoon was horrible. This is a fanfic not the G3 cartoon.

No comments on this chapter, for shame. :trollestia: I found this surprisingly entertaining even with the third generation hanging around. Also your writing is good, it has so far kept my ADD attention span where many other stories have failed. :yay:

146887 What this delightful pony said about what that delightful pony said.

Fave'd, Five'd, Track'd. FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRR :pinkiecrazy:

Nice use of G3 Spike, alway did like his long official title sounding name.
So Kimono is Twilight's counterpart.....did not see that coming:twilightoops:, though I did figure their would be some kind of representation of the EoH or atleast Discord's version of one.
Can't wait to see the gang's reaction to the other towns and the Breezies. That should be entertaining.:raritywink::trollestia:

I nearly destroyed the computer upon reading "Yes, yes, yes":raritycry:. Of course, that didn't effect how awesome the story was.

147177 - This is G3 MLP. Rarity was a princess in G3. Deal with it.

Glad that you decided to migrate into FIMfiction, considering how impractical GoogleDocs is.
Been following your story from the beginning. Keep up the good work, and don't hurry yourself up: FIMfiction's system makes following a story easy, so you can so the readers who follow the story won't lose track of it.

:ajsleepy: Reads the first chapter. :derpyderp1::rainbowderp::rainbowhuh::unsuresweetie::facehoof::applejackunsure::ajbemused::flutterrage::pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

and another great story from EqD on this site.:pinkiegasp:
I'm soo happy:pinkiehappy:

isn't 3g Fim or am I reading the wrong sites :rainbowhuh:

I think my brain exploded twice too much copies

Actually, there are many other ponies that share names with us, fluttershy, twilight twinkle, so on and so forth

also confusing rainbow d and rainbow d ? :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright::twilightangry2: frusterating to understand:heart: love it uggggghhhhhh:twilightangry2:

wow, this story is better than I thought it would be... great job and cannot wait for more

o.O strangely enough, better than I thought. :rainbowhuh:
Interesting story and I'm anxious for more!:pinkiehappy:

Good chapter, nice work on the explanations. Um... ok I think something ate part of your story, there are gaps where I think where text should be, like when somepony is speaking. Look for the extra wide spaces between paragraphs.

Loving this story.
It's about time Trixie gets involved, doubt she handles kids well though.

wow, now this is exactly what I expected when I found the notification in my inbox, an awesome chapter ^^
but what is with those little places in the chapter where it seems there is supposed to be text in, considering the paragraph before and after... I filled them in the best I could to make the most sense...
keep them coming, and I cannot wait to see what The Great and Powerful Trixie has to do with the next chapter ^^

Still love the story, but you might want to consider putting an asterisk at the end of the G4 pony names when they are with their G3 counterpart. I lost track frequently during the Pinkie Pie segment.:pinkiecrazy:

oooh, Trixie is in the story? And she isn't just a petty antagonist? Liking it already!

I dont mean to be a bother, but many g3 ponies shared names with ponies in town, and so, the main six should know all of them, .ponyville is a small town.
Peachy Pie
Sunny Daze
The list goes on.

I enjoyed the new chapter, Thanks, Looking forward to the next one! :pinkiesmile:

Love this more with each word! At least she can squink again, albeit weakly

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