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Twilight Sparkle, still unsure about her ascension to Princesshood, is put to the test when a pony representing one of Princess Celestia’s deepest regrets comes back to haunt her. Tasked with following this pony into another world, Twilight must use everything she has learned about the magic of friendship to save this new realm from an adversary who, like herself, once called Princess Celestia her mentor.

Equestria Girls: Reimagined is a complete retelling of the movie ‘Equestria Girls’, seeking to fill in the gaps in the plot, as well as flesh out the characters, in order to offer an alternate take on the story.

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Ooh, this looks like a good start. I like the way you've written the young Sunset here, and her conversation with Celestia. Nice alternate origin for the mirror portal too!

I'll definitely be tracking this now. :pinkiehappy:

" the magical creation of worlds, "

This reminds me of Myst where it's said that the portal books opened gateways, rather than creating worlds, but the most egotistical book makers couldn't tell the difference.

The IDW comics are interesting, because its revealed that the prototype mirror was actually built with no limits to the phases of the moon, and could connect to any world. Enabling Celly and Starswirl to bring back technology that didn't exist in Equestria (explaining where all the http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SchizoTech out of place technology in Equestria came from). And Celly began an affair with the GOOD version of King Sombra before even meeting his evil incarnation in her world (IE, the one Celly loved, and would never find that kind of love again, as the show creators have said).

But Celly found that the more she traveled to a world, the MORE parallel they became! Basically, the worlds would begin to 'synchronize' instead of staying independent timelines. (This resulted in Mirror world Princess Luna turning traitor as soon as Nightmare Moon was cured an eon later). But Celly was willing to risk it and try to figure out a solution, while Starswirl knew things were getting out of hand.

The mane six visiting the mirror world caused the mirror mane six to come into existence... who were selfish and shallow underachievers who were basically considered a minor nuisance who didn't even factor into the story. (Lots of readers felt cheated.)

I'm sincerely stunned and confused at why people keep writing stories where Equestria Girls Earth is 'less real' than MLP Equestria, being treated as a cheap copy rather than a parallel universes.

I'll never understand people who think ignorance is the best way to keep something hidden.

“Made-up words aside, she’s absolutely right,”

All words are made up.

The end of the year can’t come fast enough!”

I was disappointed in that episode in that it singled out unicorns and no Earth ponies and pegasi capable of cheating.


As someone who does re-imagining himself i have to keep a look.

This looks interesting, I'm curious to see what will be different.

“Then you must go at once.” It hit Twilight that, from the moment Sunset had jumped into the mirror, Celestia must have been holding herself back from jumping right in after her. She hadn’t rushed her explanation, either, but taken the time to let the gravity of the situation sink in. It showed just the type of strength of character that Twilight loved and respected so much.

Yup true strenght and all, the strenght to let OTHERS fix her screw up as always!

Great work on this chapter. I think you did a great job justifying why Twilight had to go through the mirror on her own (well, y'know, until Spike ran after her XD) and made a good portrayal of Celestia and her regret over Sunset's fall.

Ironically, the IDW Comic actually gave a justification when the heroes visited Mirror Equestria as a group, and their presence actually ACCELERATED the two universes becoming more glued at the hip than they were before! (And was the whole reason Starswirl forbid Celestia from visiting this world in spite of falling in love with the good aligned King Sombra.)

Sure. But still...
(That, and I haven't actually read that story in the comics yet.)

I was a bit scared that this fic would anger the shit out of me, but it didn't. It's quite interesting, and even though it's not the equestria girls i know, it's better in some ways.
still not the equestria girls i like, but you've only just started.

please write more

This was a good chapter - but seriously though: it's "Principal," NOT "principle." Once or twice I could let that slip, but having that occur through the whole chapter just kind of annoyed me.

Still, I did really enjoy reading this take on Twilight's arrival in the human world. Especially her meeting with Flash, and with Celestia as well. Great work on the background for Sunset's power in the school... Interesting...

And fixed! Thanks for pointing it out; I'm working without a proof reader on this one, so this sort of thing does occasionally slip through the net.

Just imagine when Twilight changes into her prom dress and finds out her maternal material have switched positions! (Equines have their maternal material near their rear legs, so that WOULD be a bit freaky to Twilight.)

or whatever magical powers had transformed her—design these for her?

There was a cool fanfic where it was revealed that Rarity after she became a goddess, retroactively designed all the clothes for ponies passing through the portal!

No problem. I hope you don't mind, I caught another spelling thing - Principal Celestia says that the crown is the "price" of the Fall Formal when it should be "prize."

This works so far; it seems that Sunset's challenge to Twilight is now harder because she acts less bluntly.

Nice work with this chapter, as always. I especially liked Twilight and the library. And adding that scene with her and Flash really did a lot too. :twilightsmile:

So Twilight's spending her first night at Sweet Apple Acres? Well, anything's better than a bed made of books XD

" Was it all random, or was it based on some magic algorithm Twilight couldn’t grasp?"

Could be Sunset's presence just caused everything to go off kilter.

Making friends with Fluttershy first, friendship hard-mode.

Equestria is so getting a magic telephone and internet network once Twilight gets home.

I don't think you have time for predestination philosophy, Twilight. Or to spend this much time just in the library, probably.

“Of course! I’ll be backing you in any way I can. You wanna bring the school back together, don’t you? That’s what I’ve been trying to do all year. You’re just the opportunity I’ve been waiting for… uh, not that I see you as just an opportunity , I mean you’re swell and all, I just meant…”

I sense a bit of an expansion in Flash's role in the story.

“I hope we get to meet her soon,” Spike said with enthusiasm. “Sure wouldn’t mind her giving me a scratch behind the old ear.”

“For now, though,” Twilight looked around, the ground steadily emptying of people, “we gotta find a place to spend the night. Maybe Miss Cheerilee will let me sleep in the library?”

Twilight sure doesn't know how to take a hint.

How did the cosmic forced decide who would be represented where?


“Wow, you have really bad mouth writing. It’s like you’ve never held a pen before.”

So, she wrote with her mouth?

Once again, I really enjoyed this chapter. :twilightsmile: Great work all around, and I can't wait to see how her meeting with Rainbow Dash goes!

One reviewer had the simple solution that Sunset broke up the girls' friendship because they were close friends and belonged to different social circles, which went against her wanting all the social circles against each other so they didn't have the time to be against her. And part of the sad state of the school was how the students had all formed their own little ponds and didn't even TRY to socialize outside them.

A prepaid phone with a few minutes on it, that's a pretty neat and easy solution for Twilight's phone problems.

“Oh, what a cute little darling,” Rarity cooed, squatting down to giving him a scratch. “With you on our side, Sunset won’t stand a chance, no she won’t.” She looked up at Twilight again. “In all seriousness, I do hope you have some sort of plan.”

Work that cuteness, Spike.

This was quite enjoyable, once again. Did spot a few typos - "Principle" Celestia, for example. "Pazazz" is "Pizazz," and at one point Rarity says "Honesty Twilight" when it's "Honestly."

Still, this was good :twilightsmile: Really looking forward to seeing the get-together that Twilight's got planned.

THANK YOU for keeping RD's secret test of character!

Does just two of the M6 not being friends to each other while everyone else is friends with each other, cause the Elements to stop working?..

This was fun. :pinkiehappy: I really liked the way Twilight's plan worked out - by failing, and then that failure leading into a new spark between the Humane Five. Clever twist there!

Also, Spike nearly blowing his cover in front of Pinkie was hilarious. XD

Can't wait to see how the Wondercolts get-together goes - and your take on Sunset's photo-manipulation stunt. :rainbowlaugh: I mean, I know it won't be a cut-and-paste job like the original film, and will be better handled here, but I still laugh when I think about the whole thing.

Plans within plans.

The school is not very big, so... it's not like they can get far from Sunset while being in it

Oh, Twilight. Yeah, this is not going to be as simple as a song and dance number in the cafeteria. Sunset's got the school under her thumb, and kept it that way for years now.

It was nice seeing the different clubs and members. I got a kick out of the tech club and the eco clubs in particular.

(btw, you made the "Principle" / "Principal" mixup in Sunset's announcement.)

I see that Sunset is going with the Diamond Tiara plan for bribing and threatening votes. Well, mostly just threatening.

Holy shit, I did not expect THAT to happen! Wow... :twilightoops:

At least Twilight seems to have things better on track now, by the end of all of this. Still, we're not anywhere near the Fall Formal yet. Sunset's still got some tricks up her sleeve as of yet. It's really going to be a fight for the "crown" now...

Holy hell

Well, that was one way to push the issue on the club cooperation.

This was brief, but still very good. I liked the look into Sunset's mentality - and the irony of her thought processes. XD Good work.

I also got a laugh out of her reaction to the musical number. Yes, it IS catchy! :rainbowlaugh:

Caught a little typo here, though:

Eyes on the price, she reminded herself. Tomorrow, Twilight will know the bitter taste of defeat.

*prize* not "price."

Still, looking forward to what comes next! Even as I dread what will be Sunset's plan, as I'm sure it's something more intelligent than cut-and-paste photo editing. :rainbowlaugh:

That was my doubt too.
Why didn't she jump in herself?

“I dunno, Chips,” said the other person in the room, a short, yellow girl with poofy orange hair, also wearing glasses.

Heh. I actually thought that was Pear Butter.
Story's going great!

Ahh, there's the song.

Ah. Interesting. Sunset's big frame-up doesn't seem to have done as much damage (thanks to Luna being a reasonable adult), but the after-effect of it with Twilight and her friends, that's going to leave much more of a mark. And with Spike having gone back through the mirror... that's a hell of a problem. Poor Twilight... poor Mane 5 too. I wonder if Flash will play some role in helping to smooth this over? Hmm...

I also liked Sunset's conversation with Twilight. Nice illumination of her character to Twilight's perspective. I'll be interested to see how this might pay off in the future.

Well, at least Sunset's plan this time has slightly less obvious holes in it , though it is still based on basically no proof.

You are going to have to tell them the truth, Twilight.

I can't wait to see what sunset have in store for the next chapters

This was really nice. I very much liked Flash's pep-talk to Twilight, and her telling the truth of her origins to the Humane Five was both funny and sweet. XD

Interesting background for Sunset here. Very interesting...

Caught a few typos here and there. "party canon" when it should be "cannon" and "lier" when it's "liar"... but still, great work with this chapter! Can't wait to see how the Fall Formal will turn out in this telling!

Thank you, Flash. Time for the truth.

Hey, it worked.

Now that Flash knows the full backstory, you'd think he'd be asking himself about his apparent attraction to horse women right about now.

“Bummer,” said Pinkie Pie. “I would’ve loved to meet a pony version of myself. Could you imagine there being two of me? Someone should write a story about that!”


“Works for me. There you have it!” He turned to the others, whose mouths hung open again. “The name’s Spike. And where I’m from, I’m not even a dog.” He hopped down from Twilight’s arms. “I’m a ferocious, fire-breathing dragon!”

Well, in case they needed that last bit of proof. Spike can now be a fully deployed and operational sarcastic talking dog.

“Excuse me,” a voice came from the entrance, and Spike quickly stopped talking. Scribble Dee from the technology club was standing by the door. “My classmate said you were gonna fix this up all by yourselves.”

Okay, maybe not fully deployed. Just a bit more than before.

Well, here we go. Great buildup to Sunset taking the crown and all. God, I can't wait to see what her demon form is going to be like. XD

Also, very interesting explanation for how the Mirror World works and the whole stuff with the crown. Makes sense, I have to say.

Interesting alternative version.

Hm, I do wonder where you are planning to go with that. Sunset has essentially no future in this world in opposite to the known EQG universe. Luna obviously expelled her, because Sunset freely admitted that she has no problems with enslaving them and the entire school is done with her manipulative and life destroying behaviour as well.

So I'm curious, when it ends with Sunset's defeat, and it most likely will, what will Twilight and the other princesses do with Sunset? :trixieshiftright:

That was a bit of a twist, but we seem to have ended up at a pretty similar end point. So far, at least.

“Principle of magic reversal, Twilight,” Sunset replied. “I told you that these creatures possesses no magic, right? What do you think would happen if we let them out of opposite land? That’s right!” she said, seeing the stricken look on her face. “Each and every one of these teenager is going to turn into a powerhouse of magic combat. And if you think I’ll stop with the students of this school, think again; I’ve got a whole world of minions at my beck and call!”

Oh, wow. Great justification for Sunset's plan of a teenage army. XD And here I always thought she was just going to use them as meat shields (since the Royal Guard would probably try to hold back against a youthful opponent).

And also, fantastic use of Celestia in this chapter too. I liked that a lot, seeing her return to buy time for Twilight and co. to get out.

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