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Equestria Girls: Reimagined - Candle Light

A rewritten and more fleshed out version of Equestria Girls

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Chapter Fourteen

Equestria Girls: Reimagined
Chapter Fourteen
by Candle light
based on a story by Meghan McCarthy

That final image would be forever burned into Sunset Shimmer’s mind. The captain of the athletes, desperately reaching towards her. Twilight’s panic-stricken face. The very picture of futility.

The crown touched her head.

An icy cold feeling spread through her body. She could feel dark magic pulsate from the top of the crown, and next second, black-and-blue rings were engulfing her, knocking Rainbow Dash back. The rings grew bigger, the magic stronger. Too strong. Instinctively she cowered before its might, her body convinced she had made a grave mistake.

Then, the magic erupted. Like a volcano, it shot through the air, filling her to the brim with all the negativity, all the anger and sadness the crown had absorbed from these students. It cut through to her core. How was one person supposed to carry so much hurt? She stared to cry, but the tears evaporated as quickly as they appeared. At this rate, her mind would break, she would—

Then power took over. Pure, exhilarating power. It changed her body, warped her into something different, but she didn’t even care. This was everything she had dreamed of ever since stepping through the portal all those years ago.

The magic clouds dispersed, and she was looking down on a wrecked gymnasium. Yes, looked down, because she was flying. She had wings! She quickly flew over to the windows, and saw in the reflection… a demon. Her features were unrecognizable, her skin red, and her hair—already the colors of fire—was standing up like the wrath of a roaring flame. As ugly as she had become, it suited her. Power was ugly. But oh, was it thrilling!

She soared back towards the stage. Most students had fallen down, and was looking up at her with the level of fear-inspired awe she knew she deserved.

“That’s not a pony!” someone yelled.

“It’s a demon!”

“Oh my god, magic is real! The demon-ponies have come to kill us all!”

“I’m not going to kill you,” Sunset spoke. Even her voice was deliciously fearsome. “What good are you to me dead. Now, where is… ah, Twilight Sparkle. Who is the greatest of Celestia’s students now?”

“Preeetty sure it’s still her,” Pinkie Pie said. “I mean, I don’t know pony Celestia, but it sounds to me like she wouldn’t want any of her student to turn into a power-crazy—gah!” She jumped to the side as a beam of energy hit the spot where she’d stood.

“Ooh, but why did you dodge? I was going to turn you into one of my minions. Oh well, maybe you will accept my offer!”

Her beam of power hit one of the athletes square in the chest. Engulfed in a black inverted light, he let out a yelp, before suddenly wings sprouted from his back, his fingers turned to claws and eyes glowing bright red. He looked at his new body, then broke into a wide smile. “Not gonna lie, this feel amazing!”

“Congratulations, you will be my first general in my army of conquest. Yes, Twilight Sparkle, it’s time for my big reveal: I don’t want to rule this pathetic little high school, I want Equestria! And with my own little teenage army behind me, I’m going to get it!”

“You’re what?” Twilight called back with an expression of disbelief. “You’re going to take on the entire might of Equestria, all of the royal guards and three princesses, with an army of teenagers?

“Principle of magic reversal, Twilight,” Sunset replied. “I told you these creatures possess no magic, right? What do you think would happen if we let them out into opposite land? That’s right!” she said, seeing the stricken look on her face. “Each and every one of these teenager is going to turn into a powerhouse of magic combat. And if you think I’ll stop with the students of this school, think again; I’ve got a whole world of minions at my beck and call!”

“But the portal! You said it was…” Twilight face fell. “It’s not brittle at all, is it. That was another one of your lies.”

“Ding-ding-ding, we have a winner! You see now? Those narrow-minded Arch Mage fools were wrong! There is nothing brittle about this world or the connection I made; in fact, it’s the most stable magical entity in the known universe! It would have to be, to support the weight of two entire worlds. You want to know my theory? I think Star Swirl knew all along, but agreed to seal the world off to prevent people from doing exactly what I’m about to do right now!”

“Look, I dunno what a star swirl is,” some brave student called out, “but what makes you think we’ll do as you say?”

“Maybe this?” Sunset replied, and then put her fingers to her crown. She felt the power swirl within her, like the stars in an infinite cosmos. With a mere thought, she engulfed every student within her sight in those black-and-blue rings, and when they vanished, all of them had a blank stare on their faces, their minds and individuality gone, replaced only with the desire to serve.

Well, almost all of them. She turned to Twilight and her yet unbrainwashed friends. “As for you six. I have special roles in mind for you. I want you to be the commanders of my army. Just imagine it: the saviors of Equestria, leading armies of conquest against the very land they are sworn to protect. I’m going to enjoy turning you into—ow!” The glass bowl shattered on her face in an impact that would have hurt if she hadn’t been all-powerful.

“Hey Sunset! I think you missed a spot!”

Despite the insolent assault, she couldn’t help but grin even wider. “Oh! Well now, this is a twist I can get behind! How nice of you to join us, Principal Celestia… well, just regular old Celestia, now.”

The former master of the school stood tall amongst the mindless husks of her army. There was an unmistakable hint of fear in her eyes, but she was smiling nonetheless. “That’s right, I’m no longer headmaster,” she said. “Then again, I hear they chucked you out as well. I guess we’re in the same boat.”

“You’d like to think so, wouldn’t you. But unlike you, this school means nothing to me! It was never anything more than a stepping stone to my ultimate goal!”

Oh well, Twilight and her friends will have to wait. Sunset lowered herself into the crowd, and stepping up to Celestia, who took a step back, that cocky smile on her face all but melted away. “Although, I would be lying if I said it hasn’t been a pleasure, reshaping the school in my image. Seeing you and your sister struggle to keep the school together, sensing your anger and frustration when the cracks only kept widening. Why, thanks to this crown here, you might even say it’s that very frustration that’s allowed me to become what I am!” She poked her on the forehead. “Isn’t that poetic? Principal Celestia’s broken dreams, the catalyst for Princess Celestia’s downfall.”

She could see her trembling. Sunset allowed herself to savior this total and complete victory over her. Even if it wasn’t the same Celestia, the catharsis was oh so sweet. And before long, the real Celestia would follow.

“You’re right,” Celestia spoke up. “It really is quite poetic, the way I’ve never truly understood the struggle I’ve been a part of. For years, I’ve been having recurring dreams, visions of this mighty winged unicorn… I suppose I wanted to believe this made me special. Like a chosen guardian, meant to protect this school. But the moment Twilight Sparkle stepped into my office, I realized how delusional I’ve been. This was never my battle. I was always just a bit-player in a drama beyond my control…”

“For what it’s worth, you played your part well,” Sunset said. “And hey, at least you left behind some beautiful last words. Anything you wanted to add before you begin your life in servitude?”

“Just this,” she said, and as frightened as she appeared, she managed to bring the smile back to her face. “Whether I was chosen or not, I will always be the guardian of this school!” The only reason Celestia managed to do what she did next was because it came completely out of nowhere. She reached out her arms and grabbed Sunset around the waist, holding down her arms. “And if you wish to harm a single hair on my students, you will have to go through me first!”

Oh my gosh, is she actually trying to restrain me? By the sun and the moon, that was just adorable! “Very well, through you it is!”

Sunset leaned her head forward, making the crown touch Celestia’s forehead. She felt the magic travel into her; now she only had to… huh. The magic wasn’t connecting. It was as if the power was bouncing off her mind. Celestia gasped and grunted. She was resisting her through sheer force of will! Hah, trying to prove herself, was she? Sunset pressed the attack, letting a flood of dark energy flow through her, which made Celestia scream out loud. My, she was still holding on tight. No matter, it wouldn’t be long before she submitted.

Except, she never did. No matter how hard she pushed, her psyche refused to yield. Even so, she could sense the ex-Principal’s mind beginning to cave under the pressure. Soon, it would break into pieces…

Sunset pushed her away with enough force to send her flying into one of the wall. Celestia slumped, moaning softly, both body and mind completely spent. “I’ll deal with you later.” She had already defeated her; no point in destroying her, too.

“Now then.” she rose to the ceiling, and took a quick look around. “Ah, so that was our game. Wanted to give your precious Twilight a head start, did you.” Predictably, the six were nowhere to be found. “That’s alright. Run back to Equestria for all I care; there’s nothing you can do to stop me now. In fact,” she added with a grin, “why don’t I take care of something I’ve been wanting to do for years?” She flew over the crowd. “Where are you hiding, Scribble Dee, my old friend?”

No, but really, where was she hiding?

They didn’t…?

Rage exploded in Sunset, manifesting in a shock wave that sent the students tumbling like dominoes. Scribble had been here a moment ago! There was only one explanation, and it seethed her to the core. Somehow, Twilight knew the truth about Scribble Dee.

She would not get away with it.

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