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Comment posted by matrosov95 deleted Oct 18th, 2013

ok i will be careful.... :rainbowwild:

Well, I can definitively say that I'm glad that you're home safe and sound, Just... be careful next time you're out, you hear?

Hey there, i wanted to give thanks to you, you on accident saved my life. i went on a scuba diving trip a while back this was shortly after reading a chapter of your fallout equestria SAT story, the chapter where spitfire locks all of cogwheels limbs and renders him imobilized while hes freeking out, and tells him to read the poster over and over again. well when i was scuba diving, i hit the deepest point i had ever gone, 111 feet deep, according to the depth gauge. at that depth, it was hard to breath, my mask kept flooding with water, and it was very cold. so i was getting worried, then, my body fliped out, i couldnt control my limbs, i was flailing, around strugleing to get up to the surface, my arms trying to yank the regulator out of my mouth as if i were trying to make it easier to breathe, then i remeberd how cogwheel read the poster over and over again to calm down, so i read the lable that was within the mask over and over again, soon my body stoped flailing and calmed down, i had control over myself again. and thanks to you, im here today. Thank You.

~Quinn Dresser
AKA Spring Spirit / Capt the Alicorn

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The Toll of Clockwork Tower finished · 7:13pm Nov 18th, 2013

After months of work is The Toll of Clockwork Tower finally done.

Firstly, I want to throw a huger-than-huge thanks to MelonHunter! Even if The Toll of Clockwork Tower didn't get... well, readers, his friendship, help and patience with me and editing The Toll of Clockwork Tower. All this wouldn't be possible without him!

I also want to thank you who've read the story. Even if I've lacked comments, I'm glad that at least a few stayed to the end, and I really hope you've enjoyed the story!

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