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"The only thing I can remember is waking up in a clinic, sealed inside a room..."

Nearly two hundred years after the Great War, an earth pony awakes from stasis in a Ministry of Peace clinic -- parts of his body replaced, and his memories gone. Without knowing anything about what awaits him, he leaves the safety of the clinic for the Equestrian Wasteland, in search of that which he can no longer remember.

If you rather would read on Gdocs, there is a link to all chapters Here

A huge thanks to Kkat for creating the wonderful Fallout Equestria and giving me a world to play around in. If you somehow have managed to miss Fallout Equestria, then it can be found Here

Cover created by SpyroConspirator as a commission from Tonto The Trotter

Also, a huge thanks to Arcane Scroll, the creator of the site Fallout Equestria, for creating a site where everyone, be it reader, author or artist, can meet and discuss Fallout Equestria, and all its side stories, with like-minded!

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 130 )

Interesting enough to follow. Hope to see more. ANd I sense that OSAI will take control at some point... because GLaDOS.

Ah, a new memeber of FoE sidefic herd! Welcome :twilightsmile:

I'm liking your story so far - there's a lot of potential for mystery. Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure this is the only FoE fic I've seen where the protagonist isn't named in the first chapter :rainbowderp:

Welcome to the FoE fic community, dude. Liking it.:pinkiehappy:

GLaDOS was a huge inspiri...

I mean, no what makes you think that!

It might very well be like that. But what is the fun with names?

Fun fact: I told myself never to write a FoE story. Now, here I am!


good chapter when are you doing the next? :twilightsmile:

The next chapter is actually already finished, but I save to post it until I have... fixed a few things with the third chapter. It will, most likely, be posted before Sunday.

:3 As the official Noakwolf of the FoE group I welcome you! :pinkiesmile:

Thank you. I hope you don't mind that I posted it in the group, have no idea how that system work ^^'

More please :pinkiehappy:

I'm glad people are liking your story, Andreas. Don't mind those two thumbs down; there's always someone trolling through FIMFiction looking for a Fallout: Equestria story to downvote (simply because it is Fallout: Equestria).

Obviously, I have to agree with everyone here. This story has a lot of potential, and it's fairly well-written. I have no fear that the second chapter will live up to, and quite possibly, exceed, the expectations people have from reading Chapter 1.

I don't give a flying feather about thumb downs as long as they don't have a critic comment with them as what they didn't like, so no problems there.

And I hope that you are right, you should know what you are talking about :rainbowwild:

Okay, this story seems interesting at least. Voice in the main character's head has been done a lot, but a medical AI is one that is new to me. I'm wondering just how much control it could have, whether it just be the mechanical limbs or the whole body.
Something tells me it was more than just a coincidence that the AI saved the one pony who it would be able to link with...

Chapter two, as promised. Now, chapter 3 might take some time, like... next Sunday or something like that.

Comments and Critic is highly appreciated!

how the buck did it just update when I open my favorites :rainbowderp:
Plus, what are these big blank spae in the midle for? :rainbowhuh:
Also, Spitfire... you really must have searched for this one. :pinkiesmile:
Good job!


Oh gawd, didn't see that! Thanks for pointing it out!

good chapter friend :twilightsmile:

You're welcome :pinkiesmile:


The AI has too much personality to be a simple AI tasked to watch ponies in stasis. I'm guessing it is something more.

My lovely editor had time to help me today, something I highly appreciate! A shorter chapter today, but I felt that all that was needed to happen did happen, and I didn't want to stretch it all out.

As always, comments and critic is HIGHLY (Look, its in bold, italics and underlined, it have to be important!) appreciated.

Loving this story, feels really good if a bit slow at the moment, but the pacing feels about right overall and I imagine things are going to get interesting in the GREENEST CITY EVER! Can't wait.:heart:

I'm happy you liked it!

945484 I liked it so much, I wrote up two wiki pages. They're here on my profile page, feel free to edit them and make them better :heart: Fallout: Equestria wiki - My user page.

<3 That is all I can say really.

Epic so far, cant wait for the next chapter! :yay:

Chapter 4.

I know that I have already thanked him, but I will do it again.

Masquerade, thank you a hundred and one times, if not more, for helping me this much with my story. You truly are the best editor I could get!


That kind of praise is going to start getting to my head any day now.

That's a risk I'm willing to take after all the time you have devoted to help me!

Me personally I would die trying to keep my weapons fight till the very end, resist in any way I can or could :twilightsmile:. anyways good chapter looking towards the next :twilightsmile:

Chapter 5. As usually, the biggest thanks I can possibly give goes to Masquerade. Without him, this story would be absolutely nothing!

As always, comments and critics are HIGHLY appreciated!

The sixth chapter have been started, at least the planning. Stay tuned, and it should be finished within two weeks!

So! Review time!
I like what I have seen so far, havn't encountered any spelling mistakes or things like that. And that is always nice...
But! I can buy the AI. I can buy a advanced AI that is so clever that he/she/it can run some of the jobs in a hospital... But a cybernetic eye with triple the processing power than that AI? That is a little far out... or a lie from the AI that got itself downloaded into the "brain" of a pony.
I am looking forward to see where this is going.

Doomande away!

Another chaptor, another review.

To say it in as few words as i can: I love it.
Your characters is evolving as a good rate, fast enough so you just need that next sentence and can´t wait to see where this is going. But still not so fast that you get lost.
The lost memory pony and stasis pod have been done quite a few times, but this is actualy on of the first times that i buy it. There is just something about the way that you write Cogwheel, out of this world, but not stupid, that is just... wow.

I was a little in doubt what Cogwheels powerlevel would be, since he looks like he is more metal than meat, but you put that dout to shame. It´s so nice to see a cyperpony that isn´t a warmachine from the first second that you see him.

I am normaly not the bronie that gives a rating, but you did just earn yourself a big big 5 out of 5 with this one.
Shame on the community for not showing this to me, but that the writer had to do it

You have no idea how happy I'm to hear what you say. If it something I have lacked during the writing, it is comments.

Normally, I wouldn't say this unless it actually was a negative critic, since I often hate when people just say that it's good, but as you say it... Thank you.

But, I can't take all praise for myself. Without Masquerade313, none of the characters would have been as good as they are.

You did just win yourself some more points for thanking your pre-reader for some of the work. Good style, very good style my good gentlecolt.

I have that opinion that if you don´t say what is good, but just say "good work" and noy what part of t was good is just headless praise. When you are saying what parts you like, and especially what in them that you liked, then you are showing what whent right. And after 10K words, the least you can do as a reader is sending some back.

Just my 2 bits.

PS: And to if you sees this Masquerade313
Keep Faindragon to the fire, use a whip is it that you need to get him to work, because there is readers that is just waiting for your work, both of yours work.
From one pre-reader to another
Doomande, that isn't done yet with this story

I don't believe in whips. No, I see it as that it's he who does this for me when he feel like it, I can't force him to demote his time to me, instead I'm grateful when he does.

Sory the last part was ment for him, not about him. My mistake, that have been fixed

Might have been me not reading through it completely either ;)

Another day another... another REVIEW TIME!

You know you are hooked when you have a inner debate about if you want to read the rest of the chaptors in one go or savor it over more days. And the worst part, that was a hard debate... Ohh review time, not praise time stupid brain.

You did it again. You took one of the things i hate with pod stories and made it to a logical part of the plot. For how is it that you can remember some things but not others? To quote you it´s "Bloody weird". But you handled it to bravour. That and how you have made a cyperpony with almost more metal than meat in the same power level as others is the reason why I stick here.

And after that you trow in some strong characters with a lot personality. I can feal from here how much work there have gone into them. And know that there is bronies out there that appreciate it. For who do not like a gal with bals of steal, a friendly cyperpony and a humorous AI that have jumped into your head for a ride

Marvel, stable 31 and Green Valley, why ohh merciful Celestia do you need to tease me by giving me places that i don´t know where are! That is just cruel

I will be back tomorrow to see on the next chaptor, and can´t wait for it.
Doomande away!

And once again I'm really happy that you take your time to comment. The characters are mostly thanks to Masq, at least how they are portraited to you. Marvel, Stable 31 and Green Valley. Good times.

Good Times.

1122118 Regarding your 'keeping him to the fire'... He'd probably have to do that to me. It's been, what, three months? Maybe less? He's already written six chapters. His chapters are only delayed because I slack off a lot. But I think our dynamic is just fine at the moment. He feeds me with enough praise to keep a starving nation alive, and, in turn, I fix his typos. :twilightsheepish: It's a win-win.

The problem for me right now is that I have noting else but time. But that just meens a lot of ponies so that is not so bad again. And as i said before, the least I can do is write a comment after all what you have written.

Nice you read it :pinkiehappy:
And nice to know that there is a supply of Fo:E that is just waiting for the last details.
And things take time. Especially good things like this story.

You slack? BARROWMAN!

But no, I couldn't have asked about a more lovely editor~

You know what?

A new chapter!

Thanks, as usually, to Masquerade313 for editing, as well as Tonto for all his wonderful inputs!

The seventh chapter is started, and is in writing moment at 5 000 words.

As always, comment and critics are HIGHLY appreciated!

Well you already know I enjoy it, so not much to say except nice work, glad I could help. I'm looking forward to chapter 7 :eeyup:

"What's this, what's this on my dashborad?" Asked the brony to him self
"A new chaptor you say? But from whom?" His eyes grew in his head.
"Is it real? By Celestia, Luna, Littlepip and Blackjack it is!" He said after a squeal escaped his lips, and if there was somebronie to hear it they would swear that it was from a little girl on Christmas Eve.

Tl;Dr I can hardly hardly wait to read it. Just wonderfull to know that it will be updated from time to time

really looking towards the next chapter this one was really good :twilightsmile:

Interesting story, keep it up! :twilightsmile:

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