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People say that I'm a perfectionist, but I'm not sure that's quite the right word...


My God... · 12:01am Oct 1st, 2012

The last time I told you I was working on rewrites was nearly two months ago. Where has the time gone? I'm not sure. I don't like how quickly things are going. It's like I can never catch up with them. Always 'homework this' or 'band that'. I'm typing this today only because I'm sick and realized that I hadn't checked up on this account for a long time. Might as well tell you where the Oddity's getting while I'm at it.

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20231 Likewise!

Feel free to take your time in getting to reading the story. Like I said, it's being heavily edited at the moment.

Hey there,

Enjoyed our chat on the compilation document :twilightsmile: Have a watch

Will have to give your fic a gander once the current uni term is finished (it cannot come soon enough!)


I see. Mighty nice of ya :pinkiehappy:

Bad thing is, I still have no idea what to call them when for when they show up on the radio.

I featured Oddity in DJ-Noakwolf this week. :pinkiesmile: Just so you know.

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