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Hearth's Warmning Eve is a time of family and of joy. One of many traditions involved in this most beautiful of holidays is the presents given to the young ponies.

One small filly wish only for one thing. A wish that can never be fulfilled.

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:applecry: so she wants to be dead:applejackunsure::applecry:


I don't think that she wants to be dead. I think it's a story about how sad it is when you feel alone, and the only thing that can make you happy again will never come back.

It's a little dark, but not enough to be grimdark. And, with the exception of a few spelling/grammar mistakes (I'm a huge stickler for grammar sry :twilightblush:), it's well written. Better than most I've found on here, actually. And the story actually made me stop and think, which most...anything doesn't do for me.

As I write this comment, "Mother, I'm Here" from the Bastion soundtrack is playing on my iTunes. When I played through that part of Bastion was the last time anything on my computer made made me stop because I was genuinely feeling. Listen to it if you like. It's not a perfect match to the ideas in this story, but it's powerful stuff nonetheless.

Anyways, fantastic story. Don't ever let people tell you that serious stories aren't worth your time, and don't ever forget that your dad would be proud of you for showing how much he means to you.

Fain... So many feels.... y u do dis to me?!?
:ajbemused: Aj's and Applebloom's parents are implied to be dead. That's why you never see them anywhere in the show.

Thank you. You've no idea how much your comment means to me. I'm glad you found it to your liking.

Because this world can't be truly beautiful if we don't feel the pain of it.

No, she want to meet her parents.

That's deep.I like it

I know that you already know (most of) my thoughts on this piece, but here they are once more:

As for the story, it's just beautiful. Sad, yes, but still TERRIBLY beautiful. Although the end leaves a heavy feeling in your chest, the beginning with different views of the night and how it's taking place is heart warming and makes you smile (well, makes me smile). The ending seems to have most reader's confused, though. Did she wish for her parents to be dead or the opposite? While I guess it could be seen from both perspectives, I prefer to see it from the latter, as I'm quite certain you meant it to be.

For some reason, though, even though the story is supposed to center around Applejack and Applebloom, the scene with Spike finding a huge sapphire steals the entire shot for me. I can't help but have a huge smile plastered on my face as I imagine him licking his lips (do dragons have lips?) and Twilight watching her faithful student with his, I'm sure, expected but childish look of surprise.

Always a pleasure to have you comment on a piece, Yaya. (Even if this is, to my knowledge, the first time you've commented in an "open" way like this.)

As you say, the part with that she wants to meet her parents is how I intended it to be. This was something I tried to give out with having the small sentence "She called out the names of the ones her heart desired".

And on the part with Spike and stealing: CURSE YOU SPIKE, STEALING APPLE BLOOM'S SPOTLIGHT!

I'm taking you a muffin from Russian reader Hellfire ;) He likes this story.

Dude... it... it so sad... I really feel sorry for you... and AplleBloom.
This story is... wonderful.

P.S. I'm a russian reader like matrosov95 and Hellfire (aka Адский огонь)))

I'm very glad you liked it! :)

You've no idea how thankfull and happy this makes me! Thank you, and I'm happy you enjoyed the story that much!

I don't understand why this doesn't have more attention. This is a wonderfully sad story. :applecry: It just gets right to the point. Maybe some people don't like stories that are so barebones. They might think it's a sign that not enough effort was put into it. But you know what? Earnest Hemingway is reputed to have written one of the saddest stories with just 6 words. Compared to that, this isn't spare at all. It says everything that needs to be said. So good job with it. And from what I understand at least people in Russia will get to enjoy this. Keep put the good work. :pinkiesad2:

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