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Trixie is Twi's sister?
Watching Boast Busters right now, ironically.

I love stories with Trixie. Although, I can never find that many... This is great, by the way. I like the poetry used in this.:trixieshiftleft:

Wow, Nicely done.
Just a few spelling errors that I noticed, beyond it is all good.

1107101 Wait, what? Youtube is broken for me. I'm in China.

"It's not ironic, it's just coincidental!" is the relevant audio clip.

1107142 There's no such thing as coincidence or irony. I can lecture you on fate if you want.
Or maybe there is... Who knows?

Well then you can't very well post "Watching Boast Busters right now, ironically" if there's no such thing as irony.

1107158 That comment was irony in itself. Problem?

yes I used lyrics from the show must go on. It seemed appropriate for Trixie:trixieshiftright:

this it? is this what the story is based on?

I personally love the song even the moulin rouge version.
I like to write fics that are deep and poetic I truly hope I somehow touched this sacred area in writing:scootangel:

I listened to the song while reading. I half cried.

Yea Im kinda good at that. :3 I try my best to have fun with what I come up with. I know Ill never get featured or put on EQD but hey I don't perform my escapades in hope of gaining Accolades.

1107147 life is a series of occurrences and the sentient have the luxury of deciding whether there is a reason to the chaos which leaves us behind.

To the author: Your lyrical reference to one of Queen's more emotional songs made a grown man squee.

<< this guy. :rainbowkiss:

Why thank you for the complement. Its a deep song and Trixie is a character I feel that would have a sever self loathing complex due to the way she is so flashy, in my opinion it appeared to me like all she did cried out a very clear 'love me, please somepony love me.' I read way too much into characters inner mentalities. I do like to exploit your meaning of life often in my own stories.

There is no black or white, no good or bad for we live but in a world of grey and soft spoken lies.

1107710 something we call truth is only true while we're alive to believe it... yeah I could go on.

Me thinks I found me a kindrid spirit

Hmm. Not bad, not bad at all. I rather enjoyed it. Needs a bit of a cleaning up here or there, but not terrible. One thing I might suggest is to either pick prose or poetry and stick with it. This...combination/slight back and forth is a little distasteful to read. Still though, it shows a lot of potential if you wanted to take the pure poetry route--I'd love to see that. What you did already, considered on its own, was spectacular. *applauds*

So we see similar possibilities in the song, but the direction I'll take it is different enough, heh. So rather than my ire for putting up an idea I was rather proud of before me, you instead get respect for good vision and great taste. Bravo. Thumb up, but no fave. Good luck to you in your future endeavors!

Yea I wrote this in 20 mins tho XDD no pre reader no editor. I do like to release strictly poetic things tho:pinkiehappy:

1107757 I try not to get too existential, but there are certain mutually-accepted meanings we must take for granted in order to function as people who can share and exchange ideas.

Now that we're kindred spirits, read my story. No existential stuff in it, although inner turmoil is commonplace.


Inner turmoil you say....-bro hoof-

1107799 (\

Hey your story is on the popular bar. Rarity would kiss you! (or butter you up to death to further her personal social agenda)

O.O really? its popular

1107554 It could be pre-determined fate, or it could be random luck. Either way, I'm grateful to have found ponies.

it came out fantastic mare

Do I need to say how awesome this is? If this was a little longer, it might even have made me cry :fluttercry: I feel for ya Trixie (nice touch with making her Twi's sister btw [that was what it was saying right?])

I'm both happy and sad that I finally got around to reading this. I'm happy because it was so great, but I'm also sad because it made me sad and because I don't have enough writing time. I've been wanting to do a Trixie fic that shows her in a good light, rather than making her the bad guy like they all seem to do. This just madkes me want to do it sooner.

I am currently working on such a fic myself and am most likely going to make it another sad tale.. I have a flair for them.
I am a firm believer in the anti hero or villain is not born but is made.

A character like trixie has alot of potential and open back plot that has yet to be explored.

The story is underway and its working title is 'The color of magic'

1322179 I will be watching for it. And yes, you are quite good at sad fics.

very nice. I approve.

Nicely done. I love stories with Trixie as a complex character with a good heart who is struggling to be accepted rather than the villain or revenge kind of Trixie. She's not a bad pony, she just made a few bad decisions. :fluttershysad:

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