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This is a group for fanfics that have Ranma Saotome interacting with the ponies there.

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Found this image of the ranma cast dressed up as the mane 6

Warning risqué image.

there is another off site one based on ponies one half called ponies and a half. anyone know of others on this site or off.

there are four others on this site not here yet "A Wild Horse in Equestria"(both versions), "Ponies One Half", "Finally at Pegasus A MLP: FIM and Ranma ½ X-Over", and "My Little Ranma: Friendship is Dissonant". then there is at least one where he doesn't meet per say ponies but still a crossover, "A Tempest Comes to Ponyville". then the other ones current not on this site "The Wanderer", "Ranma 1/2 friends are hidden", "Fusions That Should Never Be: My Little Nerimians", "A Pony by Any Other Name", and the Spanish one "Un Nuevo Comienzo En Equestria". not to mention the side story "Sun and Moon: A Night Shift Omake". i hope these help.

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