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I read what I want and wright what I want, you read me?!?!


When Twilight Sparkle finished Starsweral's spell to fix her friends she did not expect to become the new Princess of Equestria. When the magic hit her to form wings Twilights life flashed before her eyes. Images of her friends, her accomplishments, the adventures, their pains.

But why was she seeing other things, stuff that Twilight couldn't explain. Things that looked out of this world. Creatures that didn't exist in Equestria, beings and technology not from this world.

And why did they keep calling her Shepard

This originally was supposed to be a full AU but forgot about it back in 2016 when I made this. So now I'm offering it up to anyone who want's to take the challenge.

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Exactly. Reserection is what happens if you give a zombie viagra...

Aroddo #3 · Mar 2nd, 2021 · · 1 ·

It's an erection after shooting your mass effect,
It's Starsweral's lesser known accomplishment.

I love it can't wait for it to become a story


Well, Helljumper206 did say that one of us can take the story to use. Do you want to take it? 😏

I might very well have to, for it is too good an idea to leave a lone.


True. Your know the story/lore and like Mass Effect?

That's why it's here. I once had the motivation to write it but with life as it is for me now...I'm offering someone else the chance to with this idea I had.

Good luck and hope to read it one day.


Oh! I thought you were doing that infamous Fluttershy ( LOVE ME) quote?! But, it's just you like Mass Effect, which is good and okay.

A Twilight that finally calls out Celestia on her ascension. Love it.

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