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A murder mystery of who killed Twilight Sparkle.

Read and follow the investigation, and see who can figure out the killer.

This is not the MLP story you know, many things are similar to the cast as it was in the show but many, MANY things are not.

My first attempt with the mystery tag.

One shot story

Dark tag for the setting.

Chapters (1)

Going through a re-edit faze

Shoot, move, communicate & kill grubs

Four things you need to know in life after fourteen years of fighting monsters.

Now at the near end of her ropes, Sargent Abigail Terrell, is one of the few gears in the COG's Special Forces and a former member of the Onyx guard still fighting on the front.

On another regular patrol mission she finds out what happens when you fall into a pond of hot Imulsion during which a light mass bomb go's off followed by some timely other dimension magic popping up.

Nothing is ever going to be the same.

Gears of War/MLP crossover.

Gears of war is owned by Epic Games
MLP:FIM is owned by Hasbro

Takes place in the end of Gears of War one ending
During the season 6 final (spoiler)

Chapters (17)
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