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The Lutece twins

I think I am done with creating stories, just don't have that drive anymore nor the creative juices. but hey, continue to read my stories to you're hearts content


It was just supposed to be a normal day at a convention for Mark, James, and Thomas. These three friends dressed up as the killers from the video game, Death by Daylight. They had everything for their costumes, except for the weapons. but while their at the convention, they meet a mysterious merchant who looks like the happy mask salesman from the legend of Zelda. There they find their costumes weapons, but as they buy them, they lose consciousness and wake up to find themselves in a forest. They also notice that they were treated as murderers and villains. Will these three friends find a way to show that they were just attacking only murderers and not innocent ponies, except giving them a good scare, or will the hunter become the hunted?

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Interesting. Going to follow this story.

7521957 lol well, these killer only attack murderers and give the innocent a really good scare.

So, murders get killed. Regular ponies get the shit scared out of them. I like it. Havent seen one of these gory fics in a while.

7525351 IKR? Maybe it's just cause I haven't been looking? Eh.

Darn, their names should've been Mark, Bob, and Wade. :rainbowlaugh: (You will understand if you are a fan of Markimoo.)

7557696 omg, that would have been hilarious, and yes I do know Markiplier.

7557706 Awesome! As I'm typing this, I'm watching him play Fran Bow! LOL. :rainbowlaugh:

Markiplier is best! :rainbowdetermined2:

7559599 indeed my good friend, along with vanoss, jacksepticeye, mini ladd, and so many more.

I know of Jack, but not Vanoss or Mini Ladd. But if you don't know of her, I would recommend LaurenzSide. :pinkiehappy:

7812208 it will, soon, just please hold on.

Go you got this keep going

Comment posted by IMPERIALFIST deleted Jul 6th, 2017

waitwhat? You just posted this in the displaced group and your story is.. Hiatus?

lately I've been losing, interest in the site

Perhaps fanfiction.net would be better for ya? Either that or you lost interest in fanfiction all together.

right when I find a dead by daylight story COME ON

Question: Update?

It's sad that there is no stories about dead by daylight and that this one is dead. What a shame it could have been something

I always thought that the name of the game was dead by daylight...

I just finish reading this and it's an awesome story so far, I cant wait for the next update to this if you plan on resuming it :twilightsmile:

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