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The Lutece twins

My goal is to create great stories that everypony will like, so it's nice to meet you. Enjoy my stories to your hearts content. Enjoy. Used to be Golden oath.


Dan was enjoying his life. A nice job a a robot making factory, a nice, yet inexpensive house, and all the coffee he could ask for while at his job. But one day while checking the control panel that produces and maintains the frames and parts of the robot, the controls and the machine begin to go haywire and meltdown. He warned everyone to get out as he ran back to fix it. But a sudden turn for the worst happened when he trips over a fallen robot arm and falls into the malfunctioning machine, just as said machine couldn't handle anymore and exploded, knocking Dan out. The explosion changed Dan's life forever as he no longer a human as he wakes up to find that he is now a robotic equine. Can he find a way to turn back to a human or will he be stuck as a robot?

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I like where this story is going, can’t wait till the next chapter

I need more of this

i am already working on a third chapter

This looks interesting I am going to like and track it

Ok, thanks for the heads up

when will more chapters come out?

Please continue the story, I would love to see more of this.

Megusto la historia (no se Ingléspor eso uso Google traductor )

hay do more chapters I like this story:heart::raritystarry:

hay when will chapter 3 come out?

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