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The Lutece twins

I think I am done with creating stories, just don't have that drive anymore nor the creative juices. but hey, continue to read my stories to you're hearts content


Twilight, the princess of friendship and former student of Princess Celestia was tampering with Star Swirls mirror, a mirror that took her to another world where everypony there where two legged creatures called humans. As her friends came over to visit her, Twilight make a crucial error while tampering with a battery attached to the mirror, causing the battery to go into a magical overload and explode, causing a monster to appear, attack and drag Twilight and her friends into the mirror. When Twilight wakes up she notices that she and her friends where in a different world, one that she hasn't seen before. She also notices that her body looked like it was made of ink as she still had her pony body as she and her friends seemed next to be some sort of massive box like machine that had a big bottle that labeled ink. She sees a human also looking at them too, before said human running away in fear. Can she and her friends find a way back to Equestria or will they be stuck in a world of ink?

A Bendy and the Ink Machine/ My Little Pony Crossover

Rated Teen for language

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Why are girls and spike look like they're make of ink?

8153116 Well, in this game the villains, which are like 1920's cartoons, are made of ink, so i wanted to have Twilight and her friends be ink as if they came from the ink machine itself.

8153118 ok and do they's feel any changes when In theirs ink like bodies and how long will they's be like that?

8153126 well ink isn't technically solid, so pinkie will be having fun playing around with her new body, and until they return to equestria, they will be like that for a while

8153131 ok but what bout the change in the mind?

8153138 well, they will hear voices, voices that try and make them do bad things and all that, since the game is a horror game

8153140 ok and how long will that take?

8153145 slowly at first don't want to rush it

8153159 ok so what will happened in the next chapter?

Ohh, ohh, ohh! Like if everyone here where animals, or if we where little creatures that controlled powerful abilities, or if we where robots that shoots lasers and rockets and go boom, or if Equestria was a wasteland!?"

Transformers, Fallout Equestria I'm drawing blanks on the other two

THIS STORY IS AWESOME SO FAR! Mixing a pony on earth story with a horror video game is an excellent mixture! Be sure to read my story(which is the first BATIM story BTW) The Ink Machine.

8153213 zootopia and pokemon i think

8153213 pokemon and if they wher animals that suited them

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8153639 word vomit eh? if you don't like it, then move on

8154925 I'm afraid it doesn't work like that my dude

8155438 i know, but i don't make these stories for fame, i do these stories for fun. So, i don't really care if they don't come out the way that i have in mind

Well, in the name of every female pornstar ever: "keep going!"

8156023 your name reminds me of a certain "embraced knight" that gives you a meddalion for liberating him.

8156900 well, apart from the 'twins' part I find it very reminiscent to "the embraced knight:
•The Lutece Twins
•Knight Lautrec

So... any vord on ze next chapter of zis story?

8190756 Ze next chapter vill be coming soon

What kind of bad thing?

almost like voices to encourange them to do them but of course they don't do them

Hey I just found this fic like it are you having trouble with the next page?

a little, things have been very slow since of real life stuff

I know your busy and all how things on your end and when there be a chapter/update?

hey chapter 2 and 3 on bendy and the ink machine is just came out and I like you write next chapter.

Please update


Well any one who says writing is easy:rainbowlaugh: is a fool:ajbemused:, having the full story of the original dose make crossovers easier.:pinkiesmile: Hope to see this story update soon.:pinkiesmile: I have to admit i enjoy good overlays.:twilightsmile:

Author when there will be a sequel?

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