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The Lutece twins

My goal is to create great stories that everypony will like, so it's nice to meet you. Enjoy my stories to your hearts content. Enjoy. Used to be Golden oath.


Toriel, a friendly monster who helped out a human. She wanted Frisk to stay, but the human said that she wanted to go home. Toriel was saddened when the human left the ruins to head back to the surface. When she went back home, she found a strange artifact that wasn't hers. She finds a note saying "Do you want to go to the surface?" Toriel touched the artifact and is transported to a new world and in a new body. Will she be happy that she is on the surface and is seeing the sun, or will she want to go back?

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Is it me or are there some Typos about her written as he?

meh, probably just me.

anyway, great chapter and theme! I'm looking forward for some more. if you need any help, with the exception of editing, just ask; I'll be glad to help. just so you know, I'm not really that great in English Grammar so Editing is way out of my expertise.

Best of lucks and wishes!

6768637 more chapters coming right up! And thank you for the offer.:pinkiehappy:

Well I´going to give this a chance, because I really need a story to distract me for a while (I´m bored), and because I like Undertale itself.

I still want to see Toriel to adopt a Pony or something like that, is there a story I missed?

6768702 that may happen later in the stoy, but I won't tell, no spoilers. :ajsmug:

6768707 Ohhhh, at least you know how to make someone want to read it even more:heart:

You should change the tags 'cos this isn't Anthro

You made Toriel, one of the sweetest Mothers ever(no offence, mom) a pony?... I seriously want to hug her more now.

Okay I didn´t knew what to think at the beginning but it somehow started to get better with every bit I got to read, I decided that I have more or less nothing to complain about for now, and the only problem solved itself.
I´m looking foward to more of it.

6769924 Thank you, and more chapters are on the way.

I want to read this. I want to enjoy it.

But the constant shifting between past and present tense in the first paragraph irritates me enough that I can't get any further. You need to find an editor.

Note: Apologies if this comes across as rude, as I don't mean it that way.

is Toriel a alicorn?
i think i see wings in the pic

This is a great read. and toriel is a goat by the way.

A story about worlds best goat mom I am intrigued

Heresy, goat moms original form is sacred.

I've gotta play Undertale... as soon as I get the money for it.

6773533 it's pretty good game. And there are people who played it. Like jacksepticeye and Markiplier. Jacksepticeye played through the entire game on the pacifist ending.

6773542 I'm up to the point where the PC meets Sans, and he's weird but funny. I think I've seen a crossover fic featuring him and Pinkie Pie.

6773747 I like sans, he's the Undertale version of pinkie pie! :pinkiehappy:

6773762 I would be surprised if he and Pinkie were pen pals.

*Looks at cover art*
Why!?!? Why must people sexualise goat mom!? (or in this case pony) She is an old lady for god sake! Not a woman in her 20's!


Besides the, odd, choice of cover art. Good start! I shall await for more!

*silently waiting*


*silently waiting....while watching Undertale videos*

I did not see that coming! Ship it! I say ship it!:flutterrage:

You know what would be fun? If Frisk calls her from across dimensions and tell her 'mum'.

Just like in-game.:trollestia:

Nice work! Looking forward for more, mate!:pinkiesmile::heart:

Tell me, dear child, would it be nice if you would give me a reference on how Asgore looks like? I just might draw one for you, a fanart for your next chapter? :moustache:

6777150 Thank you man. As for Asgore, he will almost look like himself, except more of a slightly muscular man wearing that big bulky armor of his, ya know?

6777187 You mean, Asgore never turned into a pony or become slightly human in EQG?

6777267 we never got to see Asgore as a pony before he shows up, but when they go back, then he will become a pony.

"It says that the princesses would like to see you, and they have dispatched a chariot to pick us up." Twilight said. Toriel shakes her head.

"Wait, princesses, as in more then one?" She asked.

Sometimes even they could be patient and wait a day.

"T-Toriel?" The form asked.

"A-Asgore?" Toriel asked.

aahhh no, As I was asked in the game, I told them they would never get back together, he isn´t a bad character, but I don´t like him that much.

I´only not sure if I like him being there, at least I hope this isn´t a shippning, I prefer it if it isn´t the obvious kind of shipping. You know, like two people that already were together, or like if a game want´s to force the main hero to like he first, and somehow boring woman you usuall meet.

6778706 I was going to make where very slowly, but surely they will get back together. At first they will just be friends. And I liked it when at the pacifist ending, they got back together and took care of Frisk. I liked that.

6778718 they got back together? I somehow only thought he worked with her at that school, him probably still trying to lover her.
Well I don´t know what I didn´t like about him, he is that type of character, that I somehow like for just being there, but then again I´m not sure if he isn´t a bit to weird for me to image him being in a relationship, but I guess his time on screen is rare enough for you to make him more interessting, even for me.

Well now that I got time to think about it, the thought of them being together isn´t as bad as before anymore, I think I just give it a chance. The only real character that I wanted to kill in my first playthrough, was the one that I couldn´t kill, and it was Alphys. I didn´t liked her look, but I learned to like her at least for her personality.

Maybe you can make him actually look more like the warrior type he is supposed to be, and not only an idiot, or well....
I guess his personality was called goofy right? I don´t want you to change him, just maybe make him a bit more not so weird I guess.

"And since I'm the second most powerful being in Equestria when it comes to magic,

I am sure luna and cadence are both stronger.....:unsuresweetie:
this is a okay idea, but you should get a EDITOR:scootangel:

keep writing!

Somebody halp!!!

I'm hanging from cliff, I need more chapters!

I can't survive without my daily dose of undertale!


Great chapter btw

6780442 Lmao! :rainbowlaugh: I did leave it on a good cliff hanger. And thank you man! :pinkiehappy:

NOOOOOOO THE EVIL CLIFFHANGER OF EVILNESS. How could you do this to us? :fluttercry:

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