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This story is a sequel to The Monster Below

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Two years have passed since Silverspeak's dream to become an Alicorn ended in failure and tragedy. But his efforts to rebuild his life are interrupted when Queen Chrysalis launches an all-out war of espionage, subterfuge, and infiltration on Equestria. With fear and paranoia running rampant, Silverspeak struggles to protect his family, eventually finding a way to end the war – and Chrysalis' threat - forever. But to do so will come at a terrible cost, and Silverspeak is once again forced to make choices no pony should ever have to make, and to decide how far he'll go to protect those he loves...regardless of the consequences.

Cover art by Silfoe.

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Cheers, the first like is on me.

ponders.............. not entirely sure about this. on one hand it is an itnersting idea. on the other hand i am not sure about bsaicaly taking the sweet of his bittersweet ending by throwing him into some new madness.
still i like how the chagnelign invasion is subterfuge than battle. changelings are poorly equipped for direct combat. not to mention chrysalis stands no chance against the regal ones. their government and systems are not nearly as invulnerable though.

..........i know that you kept the tragedy in check in the last one. i hope you do not bsaically negate his achievements from the events he was part of. he gave up the wings and horn in exchange for his loved ones, it would be just cruelty to lose them anyway.
guess I have grown tyo be cynical I think. should be more excited yet I have some worry to it........ guess it is because the original story ended in a way that was....... satisfying. he failed to get what he wanted, but manage to keep a hold of what he needed. a continuation, especially one with these twists and turns.......... I just don't know.

I am so happy that your making this. This first chapter is great! I really enjoyed the first book, and look forward to the rest.

I am remembering how you write a story. Its a very refreshing style, unique and altogether full. I admire how you never leave any time untold. You never skip which makes it feel like I am actually reading a character. I try to do the same thing in my story, but don't execute it as nicely as you do.

Thanks for the chapter!

By the judge of the description, Does this mean all the changelings will be evil? Or would there be one..that isn't so..evil? It's not a big concern to me, but after a while it irks me that everypony paints them in a evil glow. Ah well, I shall fav this story and await your next chapter!

Woop woop! Rejoice, rejoice! The new story has cometh, behold, behold!:rainbowkiss:

Can't-wait- to read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Yep. It's a TMB sequel.


I don't even have to start just yet on reading this, to know that I both enjoy your style, and the particular character. Time to find a good moment to sit, and get in the right frame of mind to enjoy this.


The first chapters really have me concerned for Silverspeak. Relapses suck, and make me want to yell at him "Didn't you learn anything from all of this?" with the expected response of "Yeah, I learned to plan ahead better and not get caught next time. I'll prove Luna wrong. My horn and wings will work and last." He reminds me of the stereotypical addict who just goes through the motions of serving his time and attending the meetings to get to the point where he doesn't have to attend them any more, blocking out the whole purpose of it all.

I really didn't expect this sequel, but oh hell I'm glad it's here. Keep up the great work! :pinkiehappy:

4424814 That's why Singapore executes druggies!

Problem solved!


So even in this much more advanced Equestria that has dealt with darkness and murder and stuff...

...they still have no good changeling detection spells.

Even "Deep Space 9" had a plan to find changelings!


For some reason I'm picturing Silverspeak eventually getting the horn back, but have it attached to the end of a pole and turning it into some horrible magic spear of mass destruction.

And if the story image is from near the end of the story like the one for The Monster Below was, then things aren't going to bode well for Silverspeak.

YES!! A sequel. I very much loved the first one, and hope that this will be as amazing!

in b4 this goes brutal as well :pinkiecrazy:

.............cannot deny that these are awesomely written chaptes. his dream sequence as especially itnersting. also you have a skill in passing vweyr large amounts of time without it being too jarring..........

damn my cynicism! why do i still have a bad feeling!! sighs. guess i just felt that silverspeak's story was just....... over. though i guess since he is giong int oa position near the princesses he could get more involved in a crisis like this........

I suggest linking this story at the end of The Monster below, that would allow even more people to read this!

...So prisoners doesn't get any help with their nightmares from Luna?

That's actually a rather subtle but neat loss of privileges for law-breakers I could see happening. Nice idea.

OH HAPPY DAY !!:heart: Been waiting for this sequel forever.

oh my. I've been waiting for this sequel ... Now I can start listening to this music again while I read :) http://www.yourepeat.com/watch?v=RRFsh_J5nXc&list=FLR9duxNQa0mFyCD231GPYvQ&index=28

*A wild sequel appears*

*epic fangirl squeal*


An epicly dramatic beginning to fit the happy ending previously, I love it!

Ok, this writing is wonderful, it's well structured, well thought out poetry without actually being a poem, and I love it! Keep writing! ^.^

NIGGA WHAT ITS A DIRECT SEQUEL OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT- :pinkiegasp::raritystarry::rainbowderp::rainbowkiss::yay::twistnerd::applejackconfused::pinkiecrazy::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::heart:

*composes self*

A direct sequel. This...I did not forsee.

Glad to see this has happened. :pinkiesmile:

Expecting less than welcoming arms from society since his face was plastered everywhere as an alicorn monster less than a few years ago.

Remember, they princesses literally told the press that he was helping ponies and wasn't responsible for the destruction that happened in Manehatten. Some ponies will still hate him, but most won't care.

Out of the slammer and into the frying pan! Well, eventually anyway. I imagine he has to get some normality back before he can earn that tragedy tag.
Actually, considering Beakbreaker is alive and well, I find your lack of romance tag... disturbing. :trixieshiftright:

Oh, and one little error:

When I got out, they sad, they'd come and take me away

An instant must-read as soon as I heard about it. Looking forward to the story!!

I am starting to think that the creepy picture for the continuation of TMB......is of Magnus......he is allowed to keep the horn and wings......
But looses the rest of his body....the window is night time forever.
Wow, the alicorn sisters came up with a twisted punishment for Magnus.

The Monster Below was an incredible story in its own right but now there's a sequel. I'm ecstatic you've decided to expand! Will Magnus play a part? I can't wait to find out.


I went through nearly the whole chapter wondering how you'd explain why Silver would go back there, very well executed with a nice twist of tone at the end. Good show!

This art work is WAY to dark for something on display that children may be looking at.

Wow I didn't expect a sequel ! I would guess that while silver speak can dream of the hoe it's actually been sealed up with lots of concrete.

Agreed, too dark, disturbing even. I'd never read this if I didn't read the prequel.

Words cannot describe the level of squee I feel.
Though, I can't tell if you've turned Silverspeak into a robot in the cover picture or if you've removed all of his limbs.
I'm eagerly awaiting more!

Dang. Chapter 2 had such a powerful opening and close. I'm eagerly awaiting for the next update! Btw. I love the cover picture. I can't wait to see how it fits in with the story!

Nothing is better than to come back from a month break to see that a sequel for a story you loved is made! Holy shit I'm pumped to read this.

Thank you, THANK YOU for making a sequel!:rainbowkiss:
Now to read...

Glad to see you found the wonders of ListenonRepeat. It truly is great for background music, or for those who can listen to one song a hundred times in a row (Me and My Dad are the only ones I know of personally)

4435082 Might want to fix that to 'hole'.:ajbemused:

The road to hell is paved with good intentions

Silverspeak is going to get in trouble with Princesses again. Isn't he? :facehoof:

Waiting for the death and destruction soon to follow.

Having packed all my gears hours ago, it's a quick matter to slip on my saddlebags and strap them down.

The plural form of "gear" is "gear" in this case. Not "gears." If it was "gears" they'd be the gears that are inside of machines and make them work. But anyway, it was great chapter. I didn't expect it to be a dream until near the end. Hope to see more. (Even though there's three chapters out already).

interseting development though.............. to be honest, WHY would mechanical limbs be of any comprehensible use if no magic is used? they would be completely useless to ponies if they could not channel magic. an artificial horn would be a useless ornament that owuld not grant the user the power to wield magic again.

i do like the idea of technologyh competing with magic, but, ultimately, that does not seem to work in mlp. maigc is so powerful and useful that it would seem that technology would be built more around how to better improve and sustain magical effects rather than replacing them with less effective methods.
i could see earth ponies and pegasi finding use in such technology, but the unicorns would have no use for them. and there is sitll the problem of the limbs being useless. earth pony strength comes from magic and their bodies, and a mechanical limb may even be too weak for them to use. how would you make the limb durable enough to withstand the force the rest of the body can take? to create a functioning prosthetic able to take normal amount of damage is difficult enough, but the sheer force of an earth pony? say if applejack got a replacement, bucked, how would they ensure the leg would not just break apart immediately from the impact? limbs could be adapted to any species, as the magic and blood would channel through and basically become a unicorn, pegasus, or of course earth pony limb. you cannot do that with a mechanical prosthetic unless it can channel magic.

the idea is interesting, but i cannot see how it could be implemented without magic winning out regardless. how can technology compete against a force that can basically turn a refrigerator into a bucket and back? i can udnerstand what is meant by weapons, but if it in fact guns they would be useles against magic. just create an enchantment that steals away momentum from the bullets or deflect them and implement it as some form of armor or fetish.

Changelings have already infiltrated Canterlot, Luna is Chrisy.

4700036 inb4technomancers

Actually, technomancers would be awesome...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

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