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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! · 2:57pm Jan 1st, 2016

So i just wanted to say to all who read this.
Now that we are in 2016 i can't wait to read all of the stuff that will be made for a whole year.
And as for that i will hope you all a good new year.

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2162543 Honestly everything so far.
And now i must return to the story.

Thanks for adding 'The Iridescent Element' to your favourites! What did you like the most so far?

2043491 You are welcome.
Now go get the next chapter done i love that story.
Now Good job and keep up the great work.

I thank you for the watch.

1487713 you're welcome.

Thanks for the favorite friend.

1217352 Well you have some story's that is interesting and you seem like a nice person.

Thanks for the follow? Mind if I ask why?

1070099 Ok then thats good.
And i must say you are really great at writing.

1069887 There's a scheduled mini-rewrite for the whole story, mostly based around reconstructing some parts, correcting errorss and adding more content, such as background and/or additional dialogue. However, the main storyline won't change, so don't worry, you don't have to re-read the updated chapters if you really don't want to.

To comment on the helping with the story... This story was written entirely without editing help, proofreaders or pre-readers. I couldn't find any and so, I did all that stuff by myself.

Also, chapters are being published rather slow in 2014, mostly due to the fact that around 70% of it was written during the winter holiday and now, I don't have that much free time.

P.S : There are references to Assassin's Creed, Bioshock, Metro 2033 and the Half-Life series themselves. You get a cookie each time you notice them :raritystarry:

1068945 and yes you can follow me.
And if you ever need one to help you fx. If you are having some writing problems you can tell me.

1068945 youre welcome i just love half-life story's.

Thanks for the fave on Half-Life : A World Beyond :yay: Hope you're enjoying the story so far.

Oh and... I want to follow you, i mean, if that's okay with you :fluttershyouch:

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