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Give me one reason Celestia isn't best pony. Pro tip: You can't

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This isn't hot at all like I expected... fuck you...
You've wasted 10 minutes of my life

Sometimes it takes teamwork to get those hard to reach spots. Loved the sandwich action.

Ah the good ol' switcheroo, how evil that is.


I actually quite liked that.

clickbait cropped from 1543201

That's some next level clickbait right there. Good job:twilightsheepish:.

I knew there wouldn't be anything lood actually in this, because of the tags. Was still an enjoyable read! :3

Hey! I've seen that picture before!

Y'know? The title is extremely appropriate. I don't know how people are calling it clickbait when the title clearly explains what Anon is doing, with help from his good friend in the totally innocent cropped image

Totally innocent, my butt.

Reads description oh cool picture loads oh no

Reads the comment. Looks at picture wait a minute...

Well, the unedited version, at-least.

Well played

I don't know what I expected...

Came for a rarity, stayed for the twist.

That authors note at the end was hilarious. And I feel with Anon, Shining is just so adorable i doubt i could resist him.

You are a piece of shit and I fucking love you.

That was adorable, harmless and featured Best Stallion teasing. Not the greatest story the world's ever seen, but it doesn't have to be.

Thank you for inciting a very genuine smile. I needed that.

“Alright, I’m up!” Anon angrily declares as he sits up in bed, rubbing his eyes a bit. “What do you want?”
Anon looks to the foot of his bed to see Shining looking at him with a large smile. Dammit, he hates how cute this stallion is.
“I need your help blowing away some cobwebs.”

Anon: "And like this I'm back to bed."
The End.

But I have a question: how did he get home afterwards?


How many views can I get from using a totally innocent cropped image? Let's find out.

Is rank 2 in the Feature Box good enough for you?

I saw the picture, I saw the title and the description, I didn't know what I expected.

However, before anything can happen, Shining produces a sandwich from nowhere.

“There you go!” He says with that smile of his.

Anon looks at the sandwich for a moment before accepting it with a sigh of defeat. “Thanks.”

I can only think of this:

How many views can I get from using a totally innocent cropped image? Let's find out.

The feature box apparently.

Is the adult filter functioning ?
Because I can't seem to tell.
I can't tell at all... :trixieshiftleft:

....You Clever Dirty Mother.... >:(

You little...

Fuck. I can't think of any name that adequately encompasses exactly what I feel about you.

Clever... very clever.
Have a like.

This is effectively a potluck, right?

I came here for a banquet and they give me a god damn potluck.

Spiders are srs bsns, Anon :trollestia:.

Hehehe, heeyooooooo!

You should have said I never ask for this you know


There goes the cover art...

Everybody knows that the bird is the word!

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