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I Am The Night

I am a 21 year old writer who enjoys writing about MLP:FiM, and I plan on giving G5 a chance when the time comes! I cycle through best ponies.


While visiting the Rock Farm, Anonymous chats up Limestone Pie. One thing led to another, and the next minute, he surprises her with a belly rub.

There's just one problem though: If he stops, she'll kill him.

Based off this idea in the Discord, by Fresnor.

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Angri pone floof

Have you ever rubbed a baby panda's belly before? Because I sure have and I swear I cried over how soft and fluffy it's fur was. Nice story :D

And not a single lesson was learned

Was this a reference to Calvin and Hobbes? Cause I feel like I remember a strip like this.


None that I know of. The comment that I based this off of mentioned the film Speed, where they had to keep the bus going at a certain speed, and anything below would cause the bus to explode.

Comment posted by ZombieSandman deleted Sep 9th, 2018

Lol why is this so disliked? I thought it was alright for what it was.

Need Moar pone belly floof tales


Because I'm the writer, probably. :twilightsmile:

Typical stupid anon adventure!!! :twilightsmile:
I luv it!!:yay:

Yeah, there was a comic where Calvin was rubbing Hobbes' stomach and the second he stopped, Hobbes started growling, so Calvin had to keep rubbing to keep Hobbes from attacking.

Good thing for Maud being there. I'd a probably been screwed had I been in his shoes without a Maud.

Having to awkwardly take her with me in the train while belly wubbing all the way home. Having to explain to Twilight why I can't stop violating Limestone's belly. Having to brush my teeth, and hers, with one arm as I continue to wub her belly. To get glared at by Twilight the whole while I bathe in the tub with her and Limestone as we prepare for a new day.

To attempt to feed Limestone with release wubbing belly tactics that get her to open her mouth long enough to get food in her mouth. To walk around doing errands and helping out others while having to maintain enough wubs on belly per second to keep from being savagely and brutally killed.

To fall asleep cuddling/spooning Limestone attempting to maintain some form of muscle memory rhythmic wubbing of the belly, never knowing if I'd ever see another Celestia raised sun as my eyes meet a vexxed and still annoyed Twilight disapprovingly glare at my inability to admit my belly wubbing ways would lead me to an early grave she always told me it would. Not that I'd ever admit her to being right because I'd be just that stubborn and spiteful to prove her wrong, which she totally wasn't.

Life would be rough. And awkward. But knowing I'd at least prove Twilight wrong would be worth all the awkwardnes.

Then suddenly, a young mare sat down in the seat beside him, minding her own business, all the while making popping sounds with her mouth, all the while simultaneously humming to herself. She had to have been no older than Twilight. Goddamn, was she adorable.

*Gasp* There's only ONE "Cute" pony I know of that makes popping sounds with her mouth... and if she is who I think it is... DON'T DO IT, ANON! IT'S A TRAP!


I'd just keep rubbing her as the train came, one hand cradling her body, the other rubbing her belly and just keep switching arms when one got tired and when I got to Ponyville, I'd take her to Sugarcube corner and drop her atop Pinkie Pie then run in the direction of the castle, grab Spike, give him the rundown, and swear to get Rarity to visit him wearing a nurse's outfit in the hospital.
I'm not a coward, I'm just clever enough to pass for one.


Idk. Your wording seems contradictory.

To be fair, no sane person would do anything else but get the fuck outta there.

I'm unclear. Are you saying you would keep rubbing, or you would actually try to fight.
Either way, you are braver than I.

That or the choke-hold she had you in cut a dangerous amount of oxygen from your brain.

I just know Anon is screwed

So, when is Speed 2 coming out? :trollestia:

I'd wake her up and try to seduce her.

I'm going to Robot Hell.

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