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I write stories, rewrite stories, and am full of bamboo and eggs. Have an egg. Read a story. Don't get eggs on my fucking books.


This story is a sequel to A Thief's Tale: The Road to Redemption

Lupa parts ways with Max so that she can Ascend and join him. Her friends accompany her on the arduous journey across Equestria and into the stars, but what lies on the path ahead?

(Starts during Chapter Twenty-Six and ends in Chapter Thirty-Four of A Thief's Tale)

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 14 )

As Always, Don't Fuck The Bear

don't fuck with ducks.

8140557 They have terrifying penises

Next chapter the bear fucks and eats Trixie...well shit

i saw this said sequel and got scared the other story was complete

If eat the heart is a reference to avenged sevenfold you are genius. If not lol

8141594 I remember that you got the Warriors reference in a Thief's Tale. Solid catches

few gifts from the Naga in the form of a knife and some talking berries. Memberries? And I also got the fnaf foxy Easter egg. Hehehe your awesome. Btw I'm not a fan of fnaf so don't kill me lol

8147824 There are no FNAF easter eggs here and there never will be, I promise you. Thanks for the compliment

8147991 Thank fucking God. I can't wait for undertale and fnaf to just fucking end.

8150087 Undertale has died off pretty well, but FNAF is fucking cancer at its third worst.

8150126 and don't forget Overwatch fans. Fucking Christ

8150277 They're not super terrible, but their memes annoy the shit out of me. We get it, Tracer's gay af

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