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I have stuff on the internet. You should check it out. Or not. I don't decide what you do. You could just fap again for all I know.


In life, there are many joys and many things that make people smile, but what makes me smile the most is writing. I am the All Powerful Author, and this is a short story.

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Comments ( 9 )

Always power trippin', bruhman

Your hatred for rarity is showing and your love for Twilight as well. This was a fun little story A+

I don't hate Rarity per se, but I find her personality in the show to be nearly as repulsive as Rainbow's. I actually do despise the technicolor cunt.

i wish i could go insane with power
also rarity is worst pony

My suggestion? Start writing. From a certain perspective, that makes you the god of your world.

True, true. I abhor rainbow, always acting like she's all that. Rarity, has her moments here and there but that voice. Simply dreadful.

Good show, good show.

And just to throw my two cents in, arrogance and assholeness make you a grade A prick, but something about Rarity just makes me have an extreme dislike of her.

Maybe it's the pompous attitude, maybe it's how she uses people, maybe it's not you, but me. At any rate, Rarity is worst pone

Seriously, fuck that bitch. Human form=wood smash, but her personality is so shit, I'd hit her with some sweet chin music after a hug

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