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Who doesn't like summer? Turns out, everypony doesn't like summer when it starts stretching past its allotted time frame, but Celestia just can't seem to turn down the heat, leaving the duty of saving Equestria from a massive collective heatstroke to Luna.

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Comments ( 7 )

Horrifying. 1500 years of no sex is worse than what NMM got. How evil could a man be to think of such a cruel punishment?

I don't think that's ice cream on Celestia... :rainbowhuh:

What about an interspecies couple story?

I'm sorry, WHAT?
I like it.

Go for Quoth the Wendigo if you're looking for something longer to read. As for short stories, Diamond Domination is inter-species.

Ooh this is a fucking masterpiece. Why does this have so few views? And so few likes?
You need better publicity. I think this could have been featured.
Your getting a favorite from me.

Damn, and here I thought my short stories were a little too goofy for such kind words

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