• Published 15th Aug 2018
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The Nevermelt Popsicle - Ringtael

An extremely brief story about love and loss.

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Shoulda Made Two

The Nevermelt Popsicle

Summer was more brutal than ever anywhere a pony could go in Equestria. Widespread droughts, water rationing, pools being closed down; the works. Everypony suffered as they tried to slog through the nights instead of baking through the days, but even the shady, breezy nights were arid and unpleasant. Dry grass and hay fries quickly became staples of everypony’s diets, making the condiment market explode in mere weeks. Corporations like Saucy Tosser’s Salad Sprucings and Vinaigrette Collective switched to more mundane meal-enhancers for the sake of selling more product, and their gambit proved successful, keeping the economy in Equestria alive long enough to reach the Dog Days.

Nothing had ever been more asinine than Celestia’s Sun during the Dog Days. It never set. Ever. Twenty five hours a day, eight days a week, the Sun shone and fried the land to the point where sun-baked hay became Equestria’s main export. Sadly, it just wasn’t enough to keep the money coming into the country, but only one of the Royal Sisters was distraught about such a worrisome ordeal, and it wasn’t the cause of the whole catastrophe. No, Celestia was in heat, and all of her toys kept melting whenever she tried to find release, thus making it impossible for her to focus on anything other than heat.

Luna had researched Alicorn mating as best she could, but as far as she could tell, her sister was just incredibly horny from not getting any in about fifteen hundred years. Luna, however, had started taking consorts wherever she found the desire to do so, which made it her responsibility to fix her prudish sisters mess. As such, Luna hired the best Magicians and Scientists to come up with a solution to Celestia unique problem, though all she’d told them was that she needed something cold. Her thought had been a cloud that would follow her around, continuously dousing her in cold water, but in the end, there was something far more marvelous at work.

While sweating through another unbearably hot summer night, Luna was sucking on a popsicle, wishing that it would never melt aweay when she had the most brilliant idea she’d had in the past thousand years: Make a popsicle that doesn’t melt! She knew exactly what she had to do to get the ingredients together to make such a magnificent confection come to life, but her main problem was figuring out how to make the flavour last as long as the popsicle. Then Luna stopped kidding herself and rolled her eyes, having a feeling about where Celestia was going to get the most enjoyment out of her icy treat.

Due to Celestia’s Equestrial heatwave, Luna had to go to the Crystal Empire far in the Northern Wastes to get the Sustenance Slush that could be warmed into normal water and then converted into a solid pole of Nevermeltice. It used to be common knowledge how to make Nevermelts back in Luna’s day, but the art of keeping the flavours going stropng had been long forgotten to all but Luna, apparently. She was glad that she now had the stuff to make the popsicle, but for the love of the stars, if she didn’t put some kind of flavour into the darned thing, her head was going to explode! After all, what was the point of a cold treat if it wasn’t tasty?

With that in mind, Luna cast a memory spell that reached back thousands of years, back before the Reign of Discord for the sake of remembering all of Celestia’s favourite foods. For some odd reason, however, Celestia’s tastes seemed to change every century or so, but there was just one thing that was common throughout the ages, and that was orange juice. It shouldn’t have been anywhere near as hard as it was for a Princess of all beings to find a single glass of orange juice, but lo’ and behold! After a four day trip to the Crystal Empire to get the darned slush, it took Luna four more to get a darned carton of orange juice in the castle!

Thoroughly frustrated, Luna took the time to combine her ingredients and over the course of three grueling days, she exhausted a fraction of her mana supply for the sake of making the tastiest orange-cream popsicle that had ever been created. In her lab, shrouded in darkness, Luna’s first words in a week were hoarse and dry, but they were some of the sweetest words she’d ever said.

“I’ve done it!” She croaked. “Finally! Finally finally finally!” Her eyes flared open wild and she popped her tasty, wintery treat into her mouth so she would be able to remember what it was like to be cold for the first time since she’d gotten the slush to make the popscicle.

While Luna was desperately sucking on the popsicle that was meant for her sister, she failed to notice a certain heat radiating closer and closer, waves of hot, dry air sweeping through the halls along with a certain somepony who knew exactly the cool relief that Luna was feeling at the moment. Before she even had a chance to truly enjoy the fruits of her labor, Celestia was standing in front of Luna, panting heavily and sweating like a Donkey without a tail at a foal’s birthday party.

Give.” Celestia groaned, her voice… Her voice made Luna’s throat feel parched and dry like she was standing in the desert.

The Lunar Princess slowly removed the popsicle from her mouth with Magic. “I-It’s your favourite flavour, sister…” She offered Celestia an awkward smile.

The elder sibling stared Luna in the eye without blinking as she popped the treat that had just been in Luna’s mouth into her own. She didn't wipe it off.

Luna took a step back, the heat being too much for her to bear. “So…”

Celestia continued to stare at her sister, but now she was sucking the popsicle. It was exactly what she needed. “Mmm.”

Without another word, Celestia turned and left with Luna’s gift, taking the unbearable heat along with her, leaving the Princess of the night feeling a little chilly for the first time in awhile. Sadly, it reminded her that she didn’t like being cold, but she didn't care as much as she could have. Following the radiant heat that Celestia was still putting off, Luna was able to follow her sister all the way back to Luna's wing of the castle. She hadn't been expecting Celestia to go to her chambers, and she'd never have anticipated the sight of her own sister furiously masturbating with a frozen treat on her bed.

"Celestia! Do you not have your own chambers for this!?"

Celestia looked back at her sister and the popsicle disappeared fully into her marehood. "Mmm~ It feels better in your room."

Luna shivered and stepped back out, her guards giving her an odd look as she said, "My sister's trying to... Oh dear Solaire, I need a blanket and a drink...

And so for the first time since Celestia's estrus had started so long ago, Luna set the Sun, raised the Moon, and had a warm glass of milk because it was the middle of bucking winter, and everypony had forgotten about it. Hopefully Luna would forget the sight of Celestia on her bed, but she doubted that she would be that lucky anytime soon.

Oh well. If it's Popsicle, it's possible right?

Author's Note:

A complete waste of like, two to three hours just because I didn't want to write anything else at the moment. IT's been awhile since I've done a short story anyway.

As Always, Stay Cool, Kids.

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Comments ( 7 )

Horrifying. 1500 years of no sex is worse than what NMM got. How evil could a man be to think of such a cruel punishment?

I don't think that's ice cream on Celestia... :rainbowhuh:

What about an interspecies couple story?

I'm sorry, WHAT?
I like it.

Go for Quoth the Wendigo if you're looking for something longer to read. As for short stories, Diamond Domination is inter-species.

Ooh this is a fucking masterpiece. Why does this have so few views? And so few likes?
You need better publicity. I think this could have been featured.
Your getting a favorite from me.

Damn, and here I thought my short stories were a little too goofy for such kind words

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