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This story is a sequel to A Thief's Tale: The Road to Redemption

They say that dreams are connected to your memories, whether they be past present or future. When Twilight Sparkle begins dreaming of events that she hasn't lived through, she wonders if they're some of Luna's nightly flights of fancy or if they're prophetic, but nothing ever seems to come of them... Other than a mess to clean up in the morning. Months of familiar dreams pass until they stop. For weeks, Twilight dreams of other things that don't involve the handsome pinkish stallion until one fateful summer day.

How do you escape your fate when you're not sure of what it is in the first place? How do you deal with emotions that don't feel like yours? How do you handle memories that don't belong to you?

A Time-Warp of A Thief's Tale: The Road To Redemption from the perspective of Twilight.

*Happens after Chapter Nineteen of A Thief's Tale: The Path To Penance*

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Comments ( 27 )

Thank you for taking my suggestion to heart.

Your suggestion gave me writer's block from the day you posted it until now, my mans. Even now everything I write feels like whipping the pony one more time for the sake of milking it.

Just like in the actual show but with more story a better background and you dont want to Just sell toys

It is what it is. Someone had to knock some sense into you. Be happy I'm not being overly critical. Besides, if you move away from this familiar territory into something new, your writing skills will benefit.

Maybe I just need to put fanfiction down all together and just start writing my own shit. It'
s about time, anyway.

Then I will support your decision and I think that perhaps it is for the best. Write on Wattpad if you want, I'm there too. Or, try getting published.

God loves all her creations, Maximus. She especially loves you, even if you aren’t one of hers. The sheer depth of Diliculum’s love and compassion for you rings through the Heavens and all throughout the Universal Collective above all else. The Cacophony of Youth is but a whisper to her love. The Aggrieved have a mighty voice born from pain, but her love for you abolished them. Six hundred and sixty-three Creators, beings who create universes and conceptualize realities as a pastime, struck out at Diliculum.”

Max just stared at me, speechless.

“Do you know why?”

“Her love for me?” He whispered numbly.

I gently grabbed his chin and made him nod once. “Diliculum, one woman, stood against her equal six hundred and sixty-threefold as a result of what she did for you. She sacrificed her best friend to gain power. She sacrificed her Aetera to become Fate. She sacrificed her Soul to take from you one last time. She sacrificed her Anima to Nonexistence, a fate worse than any other, to send you back in time. The only thing Diliculum kept was her heart. Because you were already inside, Kaid. The largest piece of yourself that you ever gave to her was your heart, and she traded you happily, only to find that she would lose all but that one beautiful thing.”

Well. I gues something changed between chapter 19 and now.

No, absolutely nothing changed.

Huh, nice to see you put this in a separate story, might've intimidated more people if Road to Redemption somehow got even longer, considering it's already the 7th longest story on the site

I can't wait until I have more time to write. It's going to be a fun time.

I just un-thumbed and re-thumbed this story because I was sad I couldn't give it a second thumb. I am enjoying this quite a bit more than the other story, not to say the other is bad in any way, I just like this one better. Because Twig-lit Spackle. Also, romance.

I just thumbed unthumbed and rethumbed your comment because wtfn?
I like romance. I can do romance.
Penance is a little more gritty. Just a little bit.

Totally my preferred story in-universe. **throws empty coffee mug on floor

his soft, retarded heartbeat thumped just loudly enough for me to hear,

Pretty sure you didn't actually mean retarded

Retarded, to a non-human, would probably retain the traditional meaning

As you say, so shall it be.

god, this human day is a ticking time bomb

shit got real really fast

Almost half of the chapter has lines through it.

Sumbitch. Will fix.

Ugh my eyes hurt, but I made it through. You messed up your formatting somewhere and half the chapter has strike-thru

Edit: damnit... I could have just refreshed after you fixed it. My version of the page was old.

Yeet. Sorry about your eyes, but it's free shit nonetheless.

the sudden change in tone to 4th of july was fantastic bahaha

It's some shit I would pull if you made me sing songs I knew. Or some Tiny Tim type shit. Tiptoe through the tulips n all that.

now you've got me all excited for max's ukulele rock-out

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