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Nathaniel Fray


Trixie's vengeance requires just one more "piece" to begin: Nathaniel Fray, a fresh adult whose life's full of bliss. Nate, ignorant of the existence of other worlds, gets trapped within Trixie's web, and he's summoned into the world of Equestria. Forced to co-op with an unicorn edging insanity... and solitary confinement, our hero dwells into the new world, where he will meet and embrace a violence that no one would expect to find in a world inhabited by ponies. Will his willpower... and cold blood... be enough to fulfill Trixie's unspeakable desires?

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Quick comment to explain a couple of things:
1.- English isn't my mother language.
2.- I'm using the Spanish (my second language) way of writing so: -dialogue- "thoughts"
It isn't that hard to get used to, and it really saves me a lot of work.
3.- Please, make sure to comment about the flaws in my writing and grammar, it really helps me out. So don't be shy and rain shit on me for a tiny error!
4.- I'm getting used to this site, so if you notice any strange issues with the chapters, please notice them to me as quickly as possible.
5.- Enjoy the story.


Soooo... this is a Self-Insert right?

Yes... did I have to tag it or something?

876827 No no nothing like that, it's just that most self-insert stories suck and most of the guys here wouldn't even dare to read one...

However I didn't read this one and I plan to read it as soon as it gets at leats 40k or 50k words.

Oh, I see your point. I myself hate them, but this isn't like "Hey, here I am, give me your pony pussy"
No no no, there's just 1 explicit sex scene (which itself doesn't contain a lot of explicit language), and I wrote it because people asked me for it.
There's some romance, but I won't treat it like a main point.

I am very sorry, my irrational grammar nazi side got the better of me. I plan to do what Airstrike is gonna do, wait for lots of words.

The romance thing... Bestiality is a good way to scare off readers, if that's the direction you're headed.:trixieshiftright:

Oh God, give it time. I've said that romance won't be a main point.
Maybe I should have added the Friendship tag.

Seems interesting enough... Though WTF is with the writing....

-What in the world… - I whisper

YOU USE " " for people talking.. Inner monolouge or thinking, u use ' ' ...

From the first comment (look it up):
2.- I'm using the Spanish (my second language) way of writing so: -dialogue- "thoughts"
You'll get the hang of it, "(dialogue)" REALLY confuses me and screws up the pacing when writing.
My apologies if it hinders your reading.

If you need/want an editor I'm willing to do it. Just asking.

and im lovin it

Somebody slap her through a wall. NOW. I suggest Alucard from Hellsing.

damn that ending was intense

Fixed it.
I'm laughing so hard right now.

How was I not informed of this update!?

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