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This story is a sequel to Undead and Unconcerned

The zombie apocalypse continues!

Will a cure be found?

Will Derpy ever act like a normal zombie?

Will anypony give a single buck?

Probably not.

Cover by CanYouResistClicking

Proofread by Rokkurin

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 44 )

Next chapter should be about them curing the zombies of moaning but still be zombies.... like Derpy.

Its good to see you back in action. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!:twilightsmile:

I resent the implication that undead don't appreciate music. Haven't you heard of Thriller? Or Dead Can Dance? Or, to quote a famous undead speaker, "The children of the night, what beautiful music they make!"

Octavia is so insensitive sometimes. Sheesh.

“Lyra, how does that even work? First, zombies didn’t exist a few months ago, how could they be the natural enemies of your humans? Second, how does anyone, let alone one of your humans, kill a walking corpse?” asked Bon Bon.

As a human, I can answer these questions.

Third question first - Head shoot, heart shoot or completely destroying the body. Just ask Ash: Hail to the king.
Second question second - If it's trying to eat us, it's our enemy.
First question last - Simple: Like everything else...


Or Discord does cure them...but only their minds, not their bodies.

"Spike, my face feels weird, and I can't see out of my left eye."


5825124 I think I meant something like that but you worded it better.

I agree a final sequel is needed!

We love you anyway, Derpy; even if you can't get being a zombie down, you're still a wonderful mother.

So it's already had two sequels? Where's the other one? I've read the first part, I'm assuming this, by your words, is the 3'rd part, so where's the second?

Ah, the Mind-Reader 6000. The portable version of the Mind-Reader 8200.

6037697 What? There are sequels?

6037697 I meant aditional ones!

Derpy is best worst zombie, and I always like seeing a necromantic Berry Punch. This whole scenario is surprisingly amusing.

Derpy is still coherent because she is an airhead.
You can't zombify air.

Twilight might be "fixable" if she's yet to ascend to Alicornhood. It's popular in the fandom to say Twilight died in Magical Mystery Cure, and beyond that is Twilight's vision of the afterlife. I HALF agree, I contend she DID die, being vaporized by the elements of Harmony and was reborn in an Alicorn body. If That is the case then Twilight has a one time "reset" button (or maybe she's like a phoenix now and will be reborn every time she dies "properly") or maybe they will just find a way to restore full fuction to a Zombie mind and Zombie Alicorn Princess of Friendship!


With what I know of fantasy, mythology, and religion - I completely agree with that sentiment.

She definitely died, or at least it was meant to represent that. In visceral apotheosis, the mortal coil is shed and consumed to be transcended into a greater existence/godhood. Thus the Elements of Harmony and the Sparkle-crater/scorch mark. Then she winds up in a starry field, where an effective elder goddess is /waiting/ for her. They walk along the starry path of what might very well be their version of Elysium, and they look back over the events of Twilight's life (representative of the judgement before the Pearly Gates in Christian religion) before Celestia judges her worthy, pulls out what appears to be the core of her soul and then transforms her - completing the reference to apotheosis. Then she's brought back to earth from a star that descends back to the mortal plane in her new body, light shining from her to announce her arrival.

Seems pretty damn divine to me, and thus apotheosis, which typically requires death and rebirth.

5824804 Dangit, You beat me to it. I was gonna say:

Lyra? Meet shotgun. Shotgun? Meet Lyra. This is our cure to the zombie invasi-

*Suddenly zombies*



Yeah, totally worthy sequel!! :rainbowlaugh:

Very nicely done, followups all worked well, and still virtually no bucks given by anyone.

The subtlety of Berry Punch making literal rot-gut was also brilliant.

Still can't tell about Scootaloo...

Let make it a trilogy :pinkiehappy:
undead, don't care, the end. Period.

6042278 Derpy is not the only air head zombie here because Pinkie Pie is a literal air head too, specifically a helium head since her new head is a balloon

INB4 Derpy gets this zombie thing down, but everyone else is already turned back to normal.

Sweet sequel.

I want to read more of this but there is not more to read. So if you make more I'll read it its funny; and I wonna see what happens next.

You could say I love this story...*puts on sunglasses*...to death *YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH*

I'm sorry, I know it's old, but I still love that meme. :rainbowlaugh:

Derpy gets the whole Zombie thing down... right after being cured of Zombism... :p


Head shot is gonna be kinda hard with Pinkie...

6075218 Burn it with fire.

Stuff to say:

-That "Derpy fails at being a zombie" scene never gets old for me.
-You totally got me with the Octavia and Vinyl Scratch scene.
-:rainbowderp: Pinkie still can do unexpected things as a zombie. :rainbowhuh:
-Lyra and Bon-Bon conversation was pretty hilarious. Lyra going off about humans again. :rainbowlaugh:
-Who would've thought that Berry Punch was the cause of this zombie plague?

“Twilight Sparkle: perfect textbook example of OCD even when she doesn’t have a working brain.” he chuckled.


Now, let’s see if Applesmack has anything on her mind besides fruit…

I bet the quotes will be like:

Apples. Apples. Apples.
Do chores.
Apples. Apples. Apples.
Little sis is fine, I hope.
Apples. Apples. Apples.
I'm a silly pony.
Apples. Apples. Apples.

Either that, or she'll just think about apples.

Totally still undead, totally still don't care

“Seriously? The zombie plague happened because this mare made a drink that’s LITERALLY strong enough to wake the dead?!” exclaimed the head investigator.

Best zombie origin story ever. Holy crap, I'm dying here. :rainbowlaugh: Someone bring me some death booze.

Oh this is funny. Gonna continue it?

So the zombies need some sort of stimulation to get their brains working again?
*calls in Rainbow Dash to slowly break a book's spine near Twilight.*

ok must have more of the cute undead shenanigans

You should do a part three of this, and all!

... Best reason for a zombie plague ever.

Help, Derpy will get being a zombie diem right when she's cured.

Better get exercising, Chryssie! It matters little if you're literally the most powerful being in the world if you're too fat to make use of your power.

Well, I would love being undead, just imagine all the bad jokes I could make about it!
Well, undead I would like, not braindead... So more a lich that a zombie I guess.
Surprised no one wrote a "Ascending to an Alicorn transform you into a lich, and Alicorn aren't immortal but just really talented at hiding rot." story. :rainbowlaugh:

I enjoyed this.

Minor correction:

Deep with the head of Twilight Sparkle,


Whoo! Sequel!

I wouldn't have noticed this if I didn't look at the sidebar in the prequel.

Maybe update the prequel description to link to here?



pearing > peering

“We believe the one responsible is currently incapable of explaining how she did it.”

...goddammit. Twilight? :facehoof:

“Boooooozee…” moaned Berry Punch.

Pfff. Really? :rainbowlaugh:

“Ok, I admit it,” said Shining Armor, “If it wasn’t for the missing eye, I’d never would have guessed she was a zombie either.”

“Told ya. Now fork over the bits.” said Spike.


“Meeeeeeeeee…” moaned Blueblood.

Okay, I can see why they didn't have any trouble getting him to volunteer :rainbowlaugh:

Very well said, my guy! :pinkiecrazy:

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