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I like hanging stuff on cliffs. They dangle so nicely till the next chapter arrives.


During the day, Doughnut Joe's is the social hub of Canterlot's sweet tooth. With brand new, amazing "animatronic robots" to entertain guests, the place has gained even more popularity.

Bustling and alive during the day, the place becomes dark and mysterious at night. Valiant Effort, the newly appointed night security stallion begins his five day trial...

Based on the horror game Five Nights at Freddy's

Chapters (1)
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You got my heart racing. Good job. Wish there were more chapters though... :/


I see this just as I begin to write a Five Nights story. Ah well. Also, the fox is satan. I know it.

I had a feeling somepony was going to write about this...

For author and readers, that know a good bit about this, check the tvtropes page, and see how much of a jerk the dev team is.

OH good lord why!
The fic is cool, it captures the game very well...Just sad about Valiant Effort. And I had just discovered this game today, too!
That fox...oh god that fox!


Christ, it had to be Foxy. Fuck Foxy. he's always going to jump you because of his different mechanics.

And for those who don't have any idea what this is based on, watch this.

See if he had let his power run out foxy wouldn't have gotten him cuz couldent have gotten him and his shift would be over by the time freddy killed him, meaning he would have survived the night.

Well this story only consist of one night..... So make a shuger qube corner version?

Actually, the one I was making had the premise of anthro Fluttershy getting a job at the actual Freddy's. I do plan on having her go through more than one night, each one being largely similar to how they are in the game.

Oh ok i personally hate anthro storys but i guess i can make an exeption for you. Isuggest you open a tab and look up the wiki for tips on bot behaviour so you can have a better time writeing the robots. Also are you sure flutter shy would stay in a shop full of murderus robots for 6 hours a night five days a week, for 120 dollers? If you want i could tell you just how bad this job actually is in detail.

I know most of the ins-and-outs of the game, and the justification for that was going to be the Fluttershy hit hard times financially because people weren't bringing in animals anymore, and she took the job because she knew how much kids like the place, so she didn't mind a lower pay if it meant keeping watch on a place that was really special for kids. I don't want to write a huge comment detailing what I had in mind, though. Don't worry though, it'll all get a good explanation once it's up. I plan on having moments between days where she interacts with the rest of the mane six, and she finds out the dark secrets of Freddy's as she goes on.

Ok..... But seriously that jobs horrible, not only because of the robots but just from the incredibly stupid conditions they want you to work under with the robots honestly, If you wish i can describe just how irresponsible the owners of that place really are in detail. i like your idea ill keep an eye out for it.

Right, that's what I meant. :twilightblush:

4864853 Really? You'd think that a Wolf would not be called Foxy...Well, still...THAT FOXY!

Actually, he is called Foxy in the game. It shows up while you set up the Custom Night :twilightsmile:

anyone else seen this easter egg

Le thumb for Markiplier <3

Buck that game:twilightangry2:

Almost made me have a heart attack.

Is it weird that I love Foxy the most? I mean, he's probably always portrayed as a bad guy in front of all the kids, maybe his views are a bit skewed from the others. Maybe he's looking to find you, so he can finally find someone to be friends with, since he is the 'bad guy' he won't abide by the rules, like the others, and may try to capture humans to keep in Pirates Cove, so he can try to be with them. However, because of the hook, teeth and claws, he might always end up killing them either from dismemberment or blood loss, which would explain why it was out of order, and why he is always sprinting to try and catch you before you leave... Poor thing...

Also, dat run doe.


... don't worry Foxy, I'll be your friend... *hug*

Also, it's only a matter of time before someone makes a real-life '5 Nights at Freddy's'. Not the death part, of course, but the animatronics, the building, and you are challenged to see how long you can last it, in real life... that would be awesome.... and terrifying... :rainbowlaugh:

Fuck this game, man. I don't need no heart-attack. I haven't even played it and I fucking jumped at every thing when watching somebody play it. Eventually, I'll have to play it and than die of a heart-attack.

I don't intend to play it. I saw Markiplier play it and got the pants scared off of me.

I don't want to fucking play it either. If I dive deeper into my memories, I made the worst pact ever:

Play every horror game.

Still gotta play Luna Game 3, 4, 0, and End. Than I have to fucking play this game. I beat all three Dead Space's and planning to get Outlast. So yeah, I basically just committed suicide.

Add SCP Containment Breach to the list :pinkiehappy:

God fucking damn it.

>Dying on the first night

Wow, this security guard sucks.

It was actually a custom night with AI set to 20 :pinkiecrazy:

I found him to be incredibly annoying after the he killed me for the THRID time.

I do notice that everyone that has played it seem to be having heart attacks, but the only time I got scared in the game was during a few occasions, like The Duck jump scaring me after breaking the door right after I put down the tablet, Foxy bum rushing me for the first 3 times before it got annoying and the fifth and sixth night, either I'm really hard to scare or just VERY lucky

My response to the fourth time, middle finger, fifth, sighing, sixth, pure angrish, seventh, Absolute frustration.

Are you keeping an eye on him? Coz it sounds to me you aren't :pinkiehappy:
You need to like spastically view Pirate Cove in order for him to not get agitated and come say hello.

I always end up flicking to there by accident, then there's golden freddy, seriously, fuck that guy.

4879901 another theory I made is that Foxy is attacking you to get back at the other animatronics for hurting him and leaving him out. Seeing as he is heavily damaged and hidden away and is not with the other animatronics because the others hate him, because he hurt a child (the Bite incident). Maybe he's trying to kill you to show the other animatronics that this is what they forced him to become. He never wanted to be a murderer, but it's what the others have changed him into. *snuggles Foxy* it's okay... you don't have to listen to them... you're perfect...

4880003 I've heard that theory a lot :pinkiehappy: I find it massively interesting to see what other interpretations people find for this game, and the hidden meanings behind the characters. :pinkiehappy: I love finding out what people think of this game, not only on the scariness factor, but on what they believe the deeper meaning is, if they spot one. :pinkiehappy:



My theory is that the owner of Frazzbears is a piece of shit fat rapist. So he made Foxy as a... kind of anatomically correct anthro fox pirate female. If you get my drift.

And the reason why she bit the kid is because she was trying to protect her from the owner but didn't know how else to do it besides killing her. Or atleast trying to kill her.

And now the owner has mechanics working on Foxy to... fix her. And now she's dedicated to saving people form the owner. Except she saves them by stuffing them inside a suit.

What? Don't judge her. She's just confused is all.

4881056 'anatomically correct anthro fox pirate female'. Gosh damn furries... that... actually makes sense...

I dunno, I like the way you explain it, but I thought Foxy was more of a dude. Another theory I have is that Foxy was being wildly aggressive towards the other animatronics, causing them to fight back, and heavily damage him, which caused him to be out of order. He is still full of rage, and thus attempts to brutally kill the player in order to finally put his anger to rest. SO MANY THEORIES!!!!!


I think that the official explanation was that Foxy did bite the kid and as such was being disassembled. Which is why his chest is so raggedy.

Also, Foxy just sounds too feminine.

4881136 I guess that's true... I always thought that Freddy, Foxy where guys, and Chica and Bonnie were girls. Bonnie just seems like a tom-boy, seeing as she plays a proper beast electric guitar! I guess Foxy would be disassembled, seeing as she would be considered a threat against the children... huh... so many theories... so little time...

4862763 Dev team? I thought there was only one guy named Scott.

Unless I misunderstood what you said.

4881946 Its a trope that plays very heavily with rogue light, like, and style games. The Dev Team Thinks of Everything is the full saying of it. Though it amounts to them anticipating, or having metrics that watch what the players do, and patching in the game to do exactly that.

With a good game, it means usually fun and interesting replays, with a bad one, well, its railroading.

Its quite fine, no worries there.

4881946 What i meant by my statement, is that the fox won't move at all until you switch to the cove. The game starts you there to basically force him to move when you flick the camera on. Sorry, i forgot to add that.

Wait foxy activates on the third night so he shouldnt be there, if anything golden freddy might be a better ending character

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