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Because Gmod wasn't silly enough as it was. Because "too far" is never far enough. Because finding the most insane ways to cause harm to somebody is the greatest goal of man. Because we can. Because internet.
All of these are reasons as to why this happened. Of course, none of them are very good, but that doesn't matter. What does matter is that these ponies will never know what hit them... Heck, even I'm not too sure...

I DO NOT OWN THIS MOD, ASDFMOVIE, OR GMOD!!!!! Cover art by the mod maker.
I did not put any ponies in the character selector because I'm going to include most--if not all--of them in the story. Plus none of them are much else besides helpless victims.

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 73 )

:facehoof: This is the dumbest thing I have seen today.

Write more of it!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Gmod, mlp, and asdfmovies coming together in disharmony. Yes.

This is GMOD. Nopony dies for long.
:ajbemused: just cuz ya may be related ta me, doesnt make you a apple-pie

4420127 See everypony? He gets it!

Asdfponies = mindfuck... Keep it up!

This pleases me.

Anything pleases you if it involves blood and death.

Yes and it's not nice.

Bah! You mere mortals have no sense of humor.


4422926 You... You can hear them too...?

4425622 Yes, and they're FUCKING ANNOYING!

Your annoying


Applejack rip ?---- non canon timeline.:applecry::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Is this Discord, or Sheogorath? It has to be one of them.

4437970 That sun-humping tyrant? Oh yes... we will get her... We will get her...

Can't guess the colt, but this is flippin hilarious!

4475312 the colt was the guy from the last gmod vs equestria story... That or it was button

4476024 You're only 87.3% incorrect.

One more evidence this is Discord. He wouldn't hurt Fluttershy.

Also Fluttershy can't be allergic to adorableness silly :pinkiesmile:
She would have died the moment she was born if that was the case.


for him, having him around was worse than Discord,

.. Damn, can't do spoilers on my phone.

Edit: she also mentions his "original world"

Huh, I thought *him* was Discord at first. Who is said "Him"?

The new chapter is almost done. I just have to pound out the last few paragraphs, reread everything, and edit it. It won't be too much longer until a new story is out as well.

#Hashtag Preview!
"Gaze upon me, and relish in my beauty!"
"What happened to your dick?"
"Ex- excuse me?!"
"I thought you were supposed to be a guy?"
"No! That was merely a ruse! To fool those foalish princesses! And it worked!"
"Except that a punk ass, gaywad dragon kicked your ass."
"Grrrr... Shut your miserable mouth, you plebeian wretch!"
"God, you're even bitchier than that annoying purple one that Fluttershy hangs around..."
"And you are so- Wait, you know the purple one?"
"... Why are you staring at me like that?"
"You may be of some use to me after all..."
"Ugh... I think my headache's coming back..."
You have two guesses what the title is going to be.

Comment posted by Battle154 deleted Jun 25th, 2014


4595757 :ajbemused: I was asking you. But. It maybe random. But. I just get my evil side away from this. It is getting interesting.

4595784 If you were asking me, why are you pissed that I answered? Hypocrite.

4595799 :applejackunsure: Well. Something I don't know if story are serious or just random.

Dear celestia

We found a deceased body in the room.

Today is the day we celebrate the death of Prince Blue Blood!

Everypony rejoice! Because you all get to burn his body with liquid gold! And I am not talking about Velveeta cheese!

Dear Princess Celestia,
We buried Blueblood and want to know whether to dance or piss on his grave first.

Do the right thing: dance, THEN piss on his grave.
If it were me, I`d castrate him before burial, then shove them into his mouth!
Thats just wrong, even for him.

4646830 Dude... I was thinking literally that same damn thing when I did this...

4648898 Many geniuse ideas!

I like trains.
*train runs over Kenny*

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