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After doing another video on the MLP mod for Gmod Venturian (Jordan) and his siblings get sucked into Equestria. They don't mind except for the fact that all the evil characters they made up are attacking Equestria, but they still have they're powers, and a crowbar!

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This sounds a lot like my story 'a Tale Worth Telling'! That's so cool that there's other stories out there like that! :pinkiehappy: I've been trying to find fellow adventurers on FimFiction for a while now

Someone should make a group for fellow adventurers!
Also Immortal's name is spelled Ceirra or Seirra- it's one of those...

Not even gunna read before I fav and comment. THIS IS AMAZING!

Yay ideas! I love it when I do that!

4240936 As for the name....I'm not to sure what it is so I'm sticking with what u came up with!

Just joined! :pinkiehappy: I'm going to add my story tomorrow because I can't do it on mobile for some weird reason

4241077 KKKKKKKKKKKK:pinkiehappy: Can't wait to read it cause it doesn't seem to show up on your page

Really that's weird because it says whenever I try to post it something about it not existing...oh crap..what have I done wrong this time?

I found out how...but I need to edit the story and my iPod wont let me edit so it shall wait till tomorrow :(

It should be up...hopefully. Haven't gotten a message saying to fix it yet :unsuresweetie:

I was thinking about this..... Wait, shouldn't Jordan be a pegasus and Isaac a unicorn? Hope HeroOfOOO reads this, he loves VenturianTale according to his fanfic: CMC:Tardis Travellers.... Yes, I researched that for you Dovah.

4262201 Im Back! Yeah, I think he's right, Venturian(Jordan) Likes adventures, that's why he can go fly for adventure. And It's in his name too. Isaac should be a unicorn for master trolling.. Just sayin. Good job tho.

great story, had to laugh at a few parts, pretty funny, hope to see more:pinkiehappy:

wow, very good, i would love to see an update but it's on hiatus >:C

Awesome chapter dude! Can't wait to see what happens!

5273709 thx! Goin to wait for some more feedback before I jump right in though.

Best story i've ever read! Hope you continue soon.

I can't wait for the next chapter

5950170 alright! Feedback has been solidly positive! I will finish this chapter, and move to the next!

Replying to everyone to ever comment on this story, (that's alot! Geez!) I am going to update this real soon, along with my other stories. Enjoy your eye-food sometime soon.

6034652 wow *Gets a shot gun out and shoots Jordan(Venturian)* Papa Ocachallu Rules

I have noticed that you tend to use the wrong 'their'. 'They're' means 'they are', it does not mean belonging to a person or group of people. Other than that, good job.

6572738 thank you! For the past year or so, I've been doing ALOT of thinking, the revival of this fic should happen by the end of December.

7072281 yes. It's just taking much, much, much, much, MUCH longer than expected.

So, is this ever going to continue?
I used to watch a lot of VenturianTale and want to see this continue.

So, there’s a short answer, and there’s a long answer.

The short answer: Probably Not.

The long answer: this story was given to me a long, LONG time ago by a different account with which I was a friend of at the time, who was falling out of the fandom. This was back just riiiight before Venturian had hit their prime, and I was still watching them back in middle school/early high school. Nowadays, though? I haven’t watched their content in years, and if I did, the only thing I think I’d take enjoyment in again is their Skyrim run. I was torn between continuing as respects to the friend account, which I think is long dead, or letting it lie here as I can’t stomach writing an insert about people I haven’t kept up with in a long, long time. I say that all in past-tense, because I haven’t written in any capacity in a long time and I’ve fallen out of even MLP proper, now keeping up with choice fics that I think are just solid narrative in their own right.

There is a small, but still existent chance I return eventually. I’m not going to lie, though, I wouldn’t count on it.

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