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Final Resistance


The Resistance was the name survivors of humanity began to call themselves. The Chimera onslaught has claimed billions of lives and those who survive have lost almost all hope of survival. With the victims either dying or joining the Chimera ranks the odds were against any human victory. America was to be the last chance at survival of humanity. Soon America's defenses fell to the unrelenting creatures. Now with the Chimera knocking on the gates of America’s last stronghold a final desperate mission is drawn up to turn the tides of war.

Riley is one of the few survivors of that fateful mission. After the events of the mission he finds himself in Equestria. Even in this peaceful world he will find no rest. Danger doesn’t just exist in the stars but within his own blood.

(A Resistance/MLP Crossover)

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 62 )

He'll freaking yeah I love resistance fall of man hope you make another chapter soon.

Another Resistance crossover? :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy: It's so great to see another fan of the series. Interesting start by the way. I think you did a better explanation. In my story, I just threw a little intro, probably hoping on the audience being familiar with the Resistance series. (I'm surprised how few people know of it.)

Oh, sorry. I'm Evowizard25. Author of Resistance: Equestria. If you haven't taken a look, how about now and giving me your opinion.

I cant wait for the next chapters Man this fic is awesome!


Keep it up, brah. :moustache:

He seems to spend much time with AJ:applejackunsure: i think they would go nice together

Oh.. Your last words made my mind correct with the "wasnt there a party already?"

fluttershy is being cute again *cupa comes waking in*daw look at that*five others walk in and read the sentence and say daw* ok I get it she's being cute but still it's just a sentence :moustache:

i wuvs u :heart: now back to topic there is no topic what cupa theres. no. topic FFFFFFFUUUUUUKKKKK

Man.. Its been a long time since you last uploaded a chapter. You know we miss you. We love your story bro.

Please upload stories faster!:raritydespair:

Yay :yay: Btw ihas no phone for a while XD excited for the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

LETS GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEEEEEE.... if your gona throw baddies in there ... destroy them:pinkiehappy:

As fast pas i saw the word hands, I went: YESS!! YESS!!

Anyhow, best story EVER!!:pinkiehappy:

This is a pretty good story, and i can't wait til he gets found out

“You really should get more light.”

Twilight’s reaction was priceless. There was a scream, a jump into the air, running around like a chicken with its head cut off, a sleeping dragon being woken up, and finally the dragon joining in on the mare’s screaming. I couldn’t contain the laughter in me. I fell over and started to roll around and laugh. My sides ached from all the laughing. My two victims on the other hand had stopped their screaming and were not very happy with my prank. “Resistance! Why would you do that?!”

I stop my laughing to answer her question. “Two reasons. One, you really should get more light when you’re reading. Two, you let your guard down so I took my chance to scare you.” I smile at her and she glares in return. Her horn comes to life and I see a large mound of earth ripped up and brought over my head.

I never dropped my goofy smile at her. I looked her in the eyes and said, “I regret nothing.” Next thing I know I am under a mountain of dirt. Whelp time to dig my way out. There is enough room to dig with my front hooved like a dog.

Dig dig dig dig dig.

A minute or two later I am free from my tomb and I see Twilight and Spike still glaring at me. “Oh get over it you two. Ok what I did was a little mean but all in good fun. Also you got your revenge when you dropped a mountain of dirt on me.”

And pls update the story faster


do you plan on his past with the chimera and being a sentinal being revealed at some point? Great story by the way:twilightsmile:

Why is everyone so eager to suck the cock of a mediocre story at best? :moustache:
I'm sorry, its just that I've been using FimFiction for so long that I can differentiate a work of art from ... well, the other stories. :facehoof:
And then I see all this praise in the comments section.
And its all coming from people who are ... obviously brain dead in some aspects.
(I can just see the dislikes rolling in.)

2531284 so are you saying you don't like the story and if you don't why make a comment like this? I can understand some friendly critiquing but was it necessary to make a comment like this? I'm not bashing your or anything, just curious.

My heart is so full of adrenalin and a feeling for action!!!

Nah, its an alright story... for an amateur. :trollestia:
Its the readers acting like its a bloody privilege to be reading the damn thing. :twilightsheepish:

Such as the one below you, I like it to, but shut the bloddy hell up bout it,

Because its annoying mate, but, i guess ya gotta deal, or get ona those double nuke things....

Sacternalangel, you need to reply to the right person, not yourself :twilightsmile:

Are you sure? Cas I was talking to myself... Well the second half atleast....

The first half was answering Mindfcuk's question though...

Well, to fix this, I say eff da popo, lets bomb the lamp warehouse, all not in favor say ”I am in favor”

Who going to be the romantic interest in this story?
If you don't mind me asking?

I understand that you are busy... Mostly because you explained xD
And yeah who is his love interest? I seem to be thinking... Twilight but I could be wrong

2706344 I am kind of hoping for that too

Next chapter please I'm too excited

Very good and original :D :derpytongue2:

NNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cliffhanger


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